It is scary to share my story so publicly. But it frustrates me that NO ONE EVER TALKS ABOUT some of the stuff I’m going to share here so I hope this helps someone. WARNING: This is a long post. Make sure you do not skip the overflow in the comments. .

>> I put an OBSCENE amount of pressure on myself growing up. **Seriously obscene.**

If did not get into an top 10 school I seriously felt like I’d be a failure forever.

My parents would have moved to this country for nothing. Everyone around me would think I’m stupid. It wasn’t even parents putting pressure it was ME putting it on my self. Everything I did — grades, clubs, awards — was to achieve this one goal of getting into an Ivy League school.

I know it sounds so ridiculous. Please know I’M NOT SAYING THIS to sound elitist. I’m sharing the truth of how much insane pressure I put on myself.

Because of course…. this PRESSURE translated ONTO MY BODY TOO

I was a perfectionist and even though I excelled in academics my body was the one thing never felt “perfect” enough.

I grew up Indian in a practically all white town and while I had friends I did not fit the skinny blonde mold of our town. As you can see I have curves, and my boobs/hips always made me constantly feel EVEN MORE anxious about my body.

So what did I do?? I tried to overcompensating for this by COMPLETELY restricting my food.

I was not afraid of hard work: I would do WHATEVER it took to be skinny and look perfect. I over exercised, often 2+ hrs a day, even though I was barely eating anything.

On the surface I still looked “healthy” and “into fitness” but the truth was I stopped getting my period, and literally all I could think about was food and exercise and how I needed to be a size 00 in Abercrombie.

I kind of grew out of this in high school after working with a nutritionist but my body and food obsession came back during college. I felt like a failure when I didn’t get into the “top” sorority, or get a job at the “top” banking or tech firm.

I tried to overcompensate for my insecurities by hyper controlling my body and food again. This time binging/purging.

It wasn’t until I learned how to EAT FLEXIBLY, and TRAIN properly that I FINALLY achieved peace with my body and with food.

If you relate to this, know that you are not alone. I see a LOT of similar patterns in many of the high achieving women I coach


>> You aren’t used to “moderation” — you don’t hit your goals in life with a “moderate” approach. When your body isn’t changing, you think you just need to push harder in the gym or diet more, right??!

>> You’re all or nothing with life, and you go HARD on workouts + diets… but this means you go equally HARD on binging/ overeating when you do slip up.

>> You are SO used to delaying gratification (I’m not allowed to feel good unless I ace this test) that when it comes to your BODY you don’t even ALLOW yourself to feel good unless it’s “perfect.”

Can you see how these EXACT qualities that help you reach massive success in other areas are directly holding you back with your weight loss goals??

You KNOW that a moderate, flexible approach is ideal, ESPECIALLY for fat loss. But it’s STILL something you still struggle with!

Let me ask you this:
>> Are you ready to FINALLY shed the stubborn fat, tone up, and achieve peace with your body and food?
>> Are you ready to actually ENJOY your LIFE, instead of feeling SO obsessed with your body that you can’t enjoy time with your friends because all you can think about is what you look like?

Fat loss really doesn’t have to be this hard, or painful, I promise.

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