Why I changed my Instagram Handle…

This is big…

I retired my O.G. handle @squats_and_samosas and am going to use my name @dee_gautham as the handle for my Instagram page.


I know a lot of you LOVE the @squats_and_samosas handle and so do I… It’s clever + cute #IfIDoSaySoMyself :)

I launched my Instagram page a year ago to share fitness tips for women to lift weights. I still do that and LOVE doing that!

Training with weights is one of THE most empowering feelings in the world. It feels awesome to admire your strength and tone in the mirror and it’s a feeling like no other of total, of immense pride + sexiness in yourself and what you can do.

Buuuuut in the last several months of coaching literally all THE most badass, successful, and incredible women leaders I know on the planet… It’s time to be honest and share that the REAL coaching I do behind the scenes is a bit more than “here is how you lift ze weights” —

What I really do when you work with me is:

👉🏽 Literally bust through all your fear-based stories in your life to design a life | body for yourself that is entirely, 100% on your terms, not someone else’s, a life that makes you feel alive, awake, energized, fulfilled and oh so turned ON every single day.


You have been put on this planet for a higher purpose and a mission to fulfill. The moment you find what that purpose is, you feel awake, alive, and literally on fire with everything you do.

It’s like a flip switches in your mind and your life is literally turned ON, instead of being completely and totally off | dead | out of batteries every day.

Everything you do — even the hardest tasks in your life become effortless and easy because this is what you’re meant to do and you know it. Your head hits the pillow every night knowing that you’ve achieved your mission, connected with your highest self, and shared your unique gift to impact the world. There’s this buzz that comes all over your body where you just know so deeply that this is what you’re supposed to be doing, and you’ve known all along. It’s so obvious, how did you ever even forget it?

This is what life is supposed to be: literally feeling alive, awake, and CONSCIOUS. Every person in the world deserves to feel ALIVE every day of her life, fully yourself, and not suppressing any part of you or feeling dead | unconscious inside.

To be honest though —

Most people in the world don’t have a clue what their gift | purpose is and will never feel this level of fulfillment.

Or maybe you do know and you have suppressed it because you are afraid of being 100% true to ourselves.

I was this way for years and it sucks.

You operate at 1% of your true capacity.

You walk around feeling dead inside at work and exhausted at the end of the day. You LIVE for weekends when you can numb your brains and escape the real world with alcohol and food…

👉🏽Your life is very much not in your hands👈🏽

You basically turn into this shell formed by other people’s opinions + expectations, instead of thinking for yourself + living up to what you were truly meant to be and do in this world.

This inner unhappiness permeates into all areas of your life: With your body, your energy, your appetite, your mood — literally everything.

For me it manifested in eating disorders, relationship sabotage, career unhappiness, and an overall feeling of…

“Is this really IT? I feel so… Blah. Exhausted. Drained. Dead.”

There’s a part of you inside that is meant to come out and you’re not letting it, by being untrue to yourself: You’re caging your mission and purpose inside of you, and your whole body / mind fights back against you.

(If this sounds like you go watch the recent livestreams I did on binging and energy in my free coaching group — link below)

By the way: You do not HAVE to quit your job to find this alive feeling!

Many people can feel alive in their 9–5 jobs if they’re doing the right work for them, which I will help you figure out. I personally could not find my purpose in my corporate job, and found it elsewhere by starting my business.

When you work with me in my highest-level Life | Success 1:1 coaching program, you will literally flip the switch in your life from OFF to ON, and truly up-level into the “Next Level YOU” — who is more successful, confident, and a total leader you are born to be in every area of your life — Your income, body, and overall fulfillment level on this planet.

If you are a high achieving women who feels unfulfilled in some are of your life, or like your life is not in your hands, I can help you break through barriers to understand:

👉🏽WHY might you feel unfulfilled, empty, and drained even after hitting goals? 
👉🏽What the heck are you actually meant to be doing?
👉🏽WHERE are you playing small + not living up to your massive potential?
👉🏽Can you see how is inner unfullfilment is affecting ALL areas of your life/ body/ food and how it’s not ok to keep going like this?
👉🏽HOW to manage your emotions + fear + stress so you can start taking the reins of your life.
👉🏽HOW can we turn your life around so you can be 100% fulfilled, alive, and turned ON again every damn day? (WHILE making a lot of money doing it of course??)

So I’m changing my Instagram handle to remove the “fitness only” theme, because to be honest fitness is really just a small part of what I help you with in your life :)


→ HECK YES! Your body is the base of everything you do a BIG part of your overall happiness + fulfillment in life.

You simply cannot live to your fullest potential if you don’t look in the mirror every day and love what you see, or if you have a poor relationship with food.

If you’re interested in my fitness only programs I will actually have a BRAND NEW fitness and nutrition program releasing in the next few weeks to my email list FIRST!

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And IF you’re done hiding your potential | playing small with your life | sick of feeling dead / exhausted / blah every night…

If you’re ready to start LIVING your life again…
>> Ready to tap into your MASSIVE potential and purpose…
>> Ready to make a crazy income + impact in this world…
>> Ready to turn into the ridiculously confident leader that you are inside…
>> Ready to have an amazing body + incredible relationship with food…

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