How to Make $$$ at a MLB Game

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Yesterday I was out to eat at a local restaurant with the fam. They had the MLB All-Star game on a projector so we got a seat close to it so we could watch. I know basically NOTHING about baseball but what I saw really really really interested me!

There was a group of people who had seats right behind the batter and you could easily see them everytime the camera went to that view. The thing that really interested me was that instead of holding up a sign that had like “Look Mom, I’m On TV” or “Still Drunk From Yesterday” they were actually holding up a sign with their business URL.

Image via Buzzfeed

I’m not sure if people do this very often but it was my first time seeing that…and I LOVED it!

That could really turn into a cool marketing idea. If you have the budget, buy some seats to a popular event that are going to be highly visible on TV and hold up a sign with your URL on it. Heck…even wear a ton of gear with your logo on it. Make it to where you can’t be missed!

What do you think of this idea and would you try it if you had the budget? Let me know!

  • PS: Would be awesome if someone could post a picture of the sign if you can find it. ;)
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