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I used to read a LOT as a kid, but as I grew older I got burned out and found myself lucky if I even read one book a year. This may be true for you. However, this year (all credit given to Tai Lopez) I have been more motivated than ever to read and have been aiming to read a book a week or at least a book a month. And to my surprise it’s been an amazing experience.

Before reading I was a college graduate who was driving Uber and Lyft, working 2–3 other jobs, struggling to pay my school bill, and living with my aunt and uncle. Shortly after starting to read on a more consistent basis, here I am the owner of my own business and writing this post in my own apartment where my monthly rent is over 2x what my school bill used to be. #blessed

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Reading really opens up your mind to new ideas, insights, tactics, strategies, and even the motivation to put those into play. There is a reason that the richest people in the world still do it.

However, I can already tell what you’re probably thinking as you read this: “A book a week? I don’t have time for that!”. If so, don’t worry. That’s a common reaction and I’ll show you how to overcome it.

The Biggest Myth: You have to read a book from start to finish.

This is a common misconception that holds a lot of people back from opening up more than even one book a year. When you are reading fiction — like Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings — you can do this. However, when you are learning, keep in mind that most books only have around 1–2 good ideas in them. But in order for you to not feel ripped off for paying $20 for a book, they need to fill it up with a ton of words and may even pictures, graphs, etc. Therefore, you don’t need to always read word for word.

Look at it this way: Who do you think will benefit more?

a) Someone who reads one book a month really slowly OR

b) Someone who takes just the “golden nuggets” out of 4 books a month.

Don’t get caught up in reading just to read.

Michael Jimenez, a professor of Latin American history, once said “Listen, you don’t need to read these books. You need to understand them.” Understanding…that’s the main goal. You don’t want to READ a lot of books, you want to UNDERSTAND a lot of books.

I came across this video awhile back of Tai explaining how he reads a book a day. Instead of trying to do that myself, I used it to set my goal for one a week/month and maybe this can help you as well. Watch the video below or scroll on to read the steps.

  1. Quick Skim: Read the cover, the inside covers if there are any, the back, the table of contents, and possibly the introduction. Here you can get a feel of who the author is, their background, why they wrote the book, and why you should believe what they have to say.
  2. Power Skim: Read the title, first paragraph and last paragraph of each chapter and also look for any important headings or subheadings. Look for things that stick out to you and highlight them.
  3. Deep Skim: Go back to the things you may have highlighted and take a deeper look into the context around them. Take the time to actually read a few paragraphs this time around. Try to really grasp what the author is telling you in this part of the chapter. I have found that highlighting and underlining will really help you out when referencing back to the book later on.
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The first time(s) you do this you may feel like you didn’t get as much out of the book as you should. That’s okay.

Learn to read the quick version, put it back, and come back to it when you need a refresh on the subject. There are two myths that you need to get out of your head: 1) You have to read a book start to finish and 2) You only read a book once. Learn to use books as a reference guide. Get the main “golden nuggets” in your head and then come back when you need more.

If you’re someone who hasn’t been one to read much, hopefully this can get you motivated to get into the habit of doing so. If you are someone who reads often, maybe this can help you do so more effeciently. Either way I hope this adds value to your daily routine and allows you take one step closer to the life you desire.

If you are down to join this book a week/month movement shoot me a message on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. Also let me know what books you're reading and if you have any reccomendations for me.

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