Why You Should Embrace Confrontation

Quit being so sensitive and go win together.

Whenever you are friends with someone (and I mean actual friends) not just a “hi” and “bye” type of thing and you really have each others back, you need to know that arguments come with the relationship. There’s no way you can have a 100% peaceful relationship because we’re all humans which means we all mess up from time to time. As a true friend, you should let the other person know when they’re out of line and vice versa.

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Sure some people are more sensitive than others, but if you are both really friends, you should try to take it well because more than likely it’s coming from their heart. Even if they are wrong, in their mind they believe what they are saying is going to benefit you in the long run. The key is to not feel bad when they are right!

All that guilt and sorrow isn’t really going to get you anywhere.

People don’t construtively criticize you to make you feel bad. You got to get that. I mean, let’s compare it to sports.

In basketball (since that’s what I know about best), if you’re the best player on the team and you have a really realy sucky first half where you’re throwing the ball away, missing tons of shots, not hitting free throws, and fouling a lot instead of playing defense — you best believe you’re going to get yelled at at half time. That’s just the way it goes. But what is the goal for them yelling at you at halftime? Is it to make you feel bad? NO!!! It’s to pump you up, to excite you, to motivate you to go out there and CRUSH IT the second half.

Realize that anyone that is yelling at you is on your team.

They aren’t confronting you so that you come out and are all depressed. This would propably make you play even worse than you did before. Instead, in sports when someone confronts you, it’s to hype you up and motivate you to better.

Basically they’re like “We know you’re better than you are. Now let’s go kill it!”

In sports you have to forget about a bad first half. You have to go out into the second half with a winning mentality if you want to have any shot at a positive outcome. In life you have to think of it as the same way. When somebody gets at you for doing something wrong, yea you can feel bad and apologize, but once that’s done get over it. Get hype and get motivated. You know what you did wrong, now go fix it!

That’s all most people want. They don’t want you to feel bad, they just want you to do better. They may yell at you about your first half performance, but ultimately they want you to win the game.

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