You Can Do More Than You Think

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Everyone you know has had moments in their life when they feel stuck or like their life is at a stand-still. I’m talking about writers block, creativity, marriage, your career, body goals, you name it. You shouldn’t feel bad if this happens to you. It’s normal. However, it’s your decision on how you react that defines your legacy. Will you keep going when times get tough or will you give up? I recently came across this blog post, which lead me to recording this podcast episode, which then lead me to writing the blog post you are reading now.

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There is a principle called the 40% rule where people are typically quick to give-in after feeling as though they are maxed-out mentally and physically. However, in reality, they are only at 40% of their actual capacity. The key in getting past this 40% is to just do one thing at a time — no matter how big or small. Don’t always worry about finishing the WHOLE project. Just focus on doing ONE thing at a time.

I often hear entrepreneurs complain about social media and how it adds a lot to their already crazy work load. Yea it does. I agree and I understand completely. The sad truth is: THE WORLD DOESN’T CARE ABOUT THAT! Figure out a way to do it or you will likely loose. It’s up to you.

Get on Twitter. Just send one tweet. Do one video. Do one vlog. Do one podcast. Do something.

Even if you can only do something that seems extremely small. That thing that seems small to you now can turn into another thing and before you know it you’ve built up momentum. Once you gain momentum everything becomes easier. If you feel like you’re stuck again, start all over and do something small again until you build back that momentum.

If you can only do a podcast episode for two minutes. Do it. If you can only write a paragraph long blog post. Do it. It’s better than nothing. Just try to do more than you think you can do. Never let yourself get accustomed of living within the 40% rule.

What do you have on your mind right now that you’ve been struggling with? Make it a point not to go to bed today until you’ve done at least ONE thing (big or small) to get you closer to your goal. Do this everyday and watch yourself start to win big!

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