Delightful Penguins

I went to see the Gay Penguin Show (aka Penguins) with my family tonight. What a treat it was.

My girls’ first proper dance show — about two male penguins trying to hatch a rock and then getting a real egg to raise.

It was pure magic — music based on real penguin sounds, beautiful choreography, two male leads dancing gay bird love as accurately as two humans could, and a mesmerising female lead dancer .

Their egg hatches and their daughter is born. Not just their daughter, but their new family of 3. And OMG, it is just spot on. The 3 of them dancing together and figuring out what the new addition means, the 2 parents helping and catching and showing the latest penguin how to be a penguin.

It was like mainlining nostalgia for when my almost 10 year old was a tiny little penguin just out of her egg and she and I and her Dad had to do the same dance of 3 people figuring a lot of stuff out for the first time.

Absolutely gorgeous. The audience loved it. I might have cried a bit.

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