Immersed in a Fantasynth

The proliferation of music VR videos should mean we soon have enough content to start an MTVR channel. As someone who grew up watching MTV, I think of that as a sign that medium has definitely arrived, like video did in the 1980s.

VR music videos make a lot of sense — a lot of contemporary music is based on a “song” length of less then 5 minutes, slightly longer if you’re listening to the type of music that comes in tracks rather than in songs. That’s a great length for a VR experience — nice and short, but long enough to tell a story or create a memorable experience.

It’s also really cool to be able to get inside a piece of music. To completely immerse yourself in it — not just by wearing headphones, but by occluding your vision with a VR headset and enjoying visuals specifically designed to go with the music you are hearing.

Fantasynth: Chez Nous is a fabulous example of this. The track is the beautiful Chez Nous by N’to, a lovely piece of electronica. The experience transports you to a world of high-tech shiny straight-edged nature. The visuals are procedurally generated to be completely in time with the music. Bits of the geometric landscape light up and pulse in time with the music.

It is utterly mesmerising. I don’t think I have ever felt so completely immersed in a VR experience. It was like MTV, except I was right there inside the video. Inside the music even.

An incredible way to spend 7 minutes. Or multiples of 7, because this is piece that demands repeated playing. Wonderful.