“Aisuru anata ni” 10152016

Is it hard to find what’s true?

When all the cards are shown, but where were you?

How such can be so damning,

How little can be disastrous — are we mining?

You are trying so hard to search.

When in if fact, the one you seek is nearing to perch.

Arguing if a penguin is bird?

Like how much love this beautiful creature can splurge.

A lonely rabbit can speak not of what it feels.

But a lone wolf can tell how much story there is.

There is one thing but love can beseech,

There is nothing but love can slip.

The comprehension of the thought is necessary.

Sensing if it’s ordinary, it’s not ordinary,

It’s as sweet and as happy — exemplary,

Like giving candy to a cute little baby.

Is it really hard to find what’s true?

That satisfaction of having and loving,

Am I now annoying, let’s stop dodging,

And start acting like nobody is watching.

Infatuation, is what they say.

If I may, with all due respect I say

Starting today, I’ll swear to the cause — that each and every day,

I will light you the way, and so they say,

I will be here, and please let me stay.


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