Digital advertising can be better than digital Shit

What’s the click through rate on top digital advertising?

Nope, it’s not changed, still 0.06%

Isn’t it funny that when you look at CTRs like that for long enough, you start reading them differently?

6 FTW! I don’t know what 6 is, but it sounds great and we’re all pleased that we got to this number and can report it.

And we know there is rich media, programmatic, mobile and all sorts of other tips, tricks, tweaks and terrible solutions to increase the 0.06% (by a tiny amount)

But I’m not concerned about the 0.06%

What about the 99.94%?

We are wasting their time.

We are wasting their money.

We are leaving digital shit all over every app, webpage or experience they look at.

Our shit is clever shit. It knows who they are and twists itself into shapes that it thinks will be appealing. Like Chocolate Muffins

A shit twisted into the shape of tasty chocolate muffin is still a shit.

But a shit twisted into the shape of a tasty chocolate muffin is still a shit.

But it doesn’t matter you say? They can just ignore it?

Well this shit stinks. The smell affects everything else around them.

It slows the webpage they are trying to view down.

It gets in the way of the article they are here to read.

And the very worst; if they are on mobile, on a data plan then they are paying to see our shit.

Paying to see our shit.

And it’s important to us too. Because they are our customers.

They might not be our click through media’s customers, but they are certainly our customers (or are your customers only 0.06% of the population?). They might not have bought you today, but they did this year, and will do again this year.

We are throwing ourselves, dressed as shit at our own customers and the best we can hope for is that they don’t notice us.

Because if they do notice us, they block us. Because we’re shit.

What can we do?

I’ve got an idea for media efficiency reporting that acknowledges the fact that everyone who sees our ad is a potential or current customer. Every time someone sees an ad from us it affects their opinion of us as a brand.

“People build brands as birds build nests, from scraps and straws we chance upon” — Jeremy Bullmore, WPP

It’s simple.

Report the gigantic failure of click through rates, not the meagre success.

Report against what the brand is actually trying to do, not just the media interaction.

It might look something like this…

Our mobile banner ad today failed to connect with 99.94% of the people we showed it to.
Our full screen takeover failed to connect with 99.94% of the people we showed it to.
Our pre-roll video failed to connect with 99.94% of the people we showed it to.

Then at least we can’t hide from what our ads are really doing.

We can focus on why people don’t want them.

We can work out how to be useful/interesting/not shit in the digital space.

N.B. It’s 99.94% certain it isn’t banner ads.