Work/Life balance is bullshit.
Tobias van Schneider

I like what you’re going for here Tobias! I will say however that I think this is not a reality or a possibility for 1. The inexperienced (gotta pay dues!) 2. Those without means/the unprivileged (as Peter C pointed out above) 3. Expatriates/Immigrants (I consider myself a super privileged expatriate/immigrant but H1Bs don’t let you do what you love if that changes or you want to pivot even a little bit or the law changes on a whim) 4. Those on the crossroads of senior contributor vs manager. 5. All immigrants not specified in #3

I think your post rings true for an overall sense of balance and I like your idea of de-compartmentalizing the various pieces of our lives that make us whole but the above 5 personas are not exactly outliers and I think generally wouldn’t fit into your proposed idea. Doesn’t mean there isn’t value here for them though — it may just be incremental (and then eventually capped).