Everything you need to know about beer [Infographic]

One could say there are three types of people when it comes to beers: those who hate it, those who drink it and those who enjoy it. Over the years working in Skype operations, our CEO Kaili Kleemeier went from hating beers to enjoying them. Quite a ride captured by her the huge infographic below.

In the team, not only would we keep exploring and trying, but we would keep on rating and ranking our beers. It all started initially as a beer board in Trello. A board with three simple columns — hate it, like it, love it. For each beer, we’d fill up a card with photo, name and usually some creative comment about it. And we would put a card up for each new beer we would try.

We’ve been also exploring the Untappd app which is great to leave yourself a comment and rank for a drink. However, we think there are no amazing visual overviews out there, which is what we’ve been looking for.

Later, our beer board moved into Deekit whiteboard with way more columns and rankings. We’d go to beer tasting events, visit local breweries and so on. With several of our friends starting brewing craft beers (Põhjala and Lehe are two of our favourites), we’ve been learning more and more about the ones we try. And the bigger our beer infographic has been getting.

To keep all our beer-centric knowledge in one place we’ve created a beer infographic board, grouping each beer by different beer types. Since we created the map, many others have been cotributing and adding their favourites on the board and we decided to share it completely to everyone — open and add your favourites here.

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