Building Audiences : Path To Success

A salesman rings the bell of my door.

I have nice sweaters. wanna buy one?

No. I replied.

What causes you to say No?

— perhaps you don’t need it. (Demand)

— you don’t trust him. (Trust)

  1. Demand:- what you are selling/offering, you need to find out the target audiences. If you are reaching out and trying to sell products or offer services to someone, who don’t want it, you are wasting time. First figure out, who wants what you are offering.
  2. Trust:- You want to buy a sweater. But you are unsure about the quality or the right price or the genuine product. so, there is no trust. So, build trust first.

Tell people what you believe. slowly, you will start building the audiences. Once there are people who want to hear what you have to say, you are on the right path to success. Once they get a taste of one of your offering, they would like to try out your another offering( if they need it), because it’s from you and they trust you and they had found their earlier experience with you fascinating.

Those customers will spread their word of mouth to their friends. They will tell about your offering, their experience and will allow the others to consider you when they are in need of the offering you provide and with time your audience will expand and so, your success!