How Should You Write Your First Blog Post?

Things you should know before writing your first blog posts.

So finally you have started your own blog and ready to write your first blog post right? Creating your first blog post will surely give you a head ache. You will get confused on everything from finding a best topic to write to its marketing, views, SEO optimization and many more.

The hardest thing about starting a blog is to see if people click on your content and read it. It doesn’t matter if your first blog post is wrong because it is your first try; don’t feel bad in doing so. You know that everybody get success after a big failure, so failure is the key to success. But if you get it right, you will create a proper foundation for success. It doesn’t have to be anything mind blowing, but should be simple.

Blogging simply is an easy process once you get through it you enjoy writing on it, we share some blogging tips, which are required before you go for writing your first blog post.

1. Tell Readers Who You Are?

You have just started blogging and readers don’t have any idea about who you are and why you are here. Telling about yourself interestingly not only makes it interesting but also creates a bond between you and your readers. If your readers want to believe you and bookmark your blog then they will need to know about you.

Readers would wish to connect with you on a deep level.

Tell them:

• Is this your first blog?
• Who are you in your daily life?
• Who are you as a professional?

As they say, don’t be a “strange man behind the keyboard”.

2. Tell Readers your journey to blogging

Telling your readers about your journey may inspire them and encourage them to start their own. Take my own case, I dreamed of blogging and publishing a magazine when I was 14 years old and it took me almost 4 years to become one of the co-founder of Futurestica and the journey didn’t stop here because this was not what I dreamed of.

I work day in day out to make my dreams come true and one of my friend says, “he can make his dream come true easily”, no my dear it’s not like that. You have to rub your ass off to get the work done many a times.

But I am telling you this, “if you are determined to get it, you’ll get it”.

3. Remember Your Niche

This is very important point and it has many alternatives i.e., why you are blogging? You are blogging to share your ideas and thoughts about your niche to the outside world and help them to achieve their goals. So don’t forget your niche in any of your blog posts.

Make readers understand why you are and what you are blogging for, it will help in creating trust on you and your blog. Tell your audience why you are here and they will appreciate it. And it may also provoke them to connect with you.

Tell them:

• Why you are blogging?
• What your readers can expect from you?

Telling these points makes your blog look professional and will make your readers think that you are expert in your field.

Let your audience know that you are there for them.

4. Stand out

Don’t follow the crowd, Lead the Crowd. In futurestica’s language “A Real boss doesn’t have a boss.”

Don’t copy other’s style; rather make a personal style of blogging, writing, formatting and publishing. You can subscribe to our newsletter and try to learn the writing style which helps you to write quality contents. It will help you to stand out from the crowd.

Tips to stand out:

Write like you are talking to your audience.
Interact and create a bond with your readers through your content. Write engaging and provoking content that gets a good impression and attention from the readers.Be Yourself.
Write as you love but be brave on your content. Don’t write for the sake of writing or for search engines or for money making. Write very simple and thoughtful content which you really want to read frequently. Give your own opinion and don’t be afraid about what others think.Want to have a successful blog, and then make your content unique. Don’t copy from other contents; it will not benefit you in any way. If you don’t have an idea, get an idea from online and rewrite it with your own opinion and thoughts. This will help you to grow your blog into something good.

5. Tell Readers How Can They Get Involved?

You need to tell your readers how can they get involved and encourage them to be a part of your blogging community.

Tell Readers about:
• Comment section
• Guest posting
• Feedback mechanism
• Newsletter

Because blogging is a two way conversation. There are no writers without readers and no readers without writers.

6. Tell Your Blogging Goals

There is nothing wrong or foolishness in telling your goals to your readers. You should share the goals of your blog with your readers in your very first post. Sharing your goals with your readers will make them understand that you value transparency.

7. Stay Positive

This is vital to every blogger. Writing consistently for a blog is hard. It feels bored sometimes. In facts, I come up with new topics every morning, At times like this, a little structure can help. It takes time, dedication and patience to nurture a blog into existence.

Make sure that they know that you are an open, honest, and passionate blogger.

Make them understand you’re not here to sell them some snake oil.
Let them know that you’re here to help them.

Be for your readers.

You might not see the fruits of your hard work soon but don’t worry; sooner or later things will fall into places. Futurestica wishes you good luck in your blogging career and feel free to connect us. We are here for you!

Do you like these blogging tips? Which blogging tips did you use in your first post? Feel free to share your experiences and suggestions with us in the comment section.

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