10 Southern Traditions We Need To Bring Back

One big difference between being a Southern Gentleman and a Modern Southern Gentleman is knowing which traditions to hang on to and which ones to let go. Which traditions add value to our world and which ones bring us all down a few notches. So guys, here are 10 Southern traditions you and I need to bring back.

  1. Opening the door for her

Why would any lady get pissed when a man holds the door for her? Trust me, I know you’re strong enough to open the door and I know you’re smart enough to distinguish between “Push” and “Pull”. I’m just trying to get back to my roots when I hold the door for you.

Back in the day, lady’s dresses were longer (much longer is some cases but I digress) and heavier than today , which is why a gentleman would open the door for her so she could hold her dress up out of the dirt.

Actually a Modern Southern Gentleman opens the door for everybody.

2. Picking up the check

A modern southern gentleman always pays when he’s on a date with a lady. BTW guys, FREE means FREE. Not “I paid for dinner and a movie so you owe me _______” That’s not a date, that’s prostitution.

3. Holding the umbrella when it rains

Why? She spent more time on her hair/makeup than you did (if not, turn in your man-card and do 50 push ups as penitence).

4. Walking between a lady and the street

Today we have nice, clean streets and sidewalks with good drainage systems, so you can usually walk without having to worry about getting crud splashed on you. But back in the day there was not much in the way of drainage or barriers between sidewalks and streets. Which meant horses and horseless carriages would splash crud on whoever happened to be walking by. So a gentleman would walk on the outside to protect the lady.

5. Helping a lady put on/take off her coat

This tradition got started because women often wore multiple layers which made pretty much any movement very difficult. So a southern gentleman would help his lady put on or take off her coat.

6. Walking her to her car or the front door of her house/apartment.

Two things are unfortunately the same today as 100 years ago. One is the world is a dangerous place. And two is women are seen as easy targets for violence/theft. Because of this, a southern gentleman will walk her to her car or front door.

7. Letting her wear your jacket

Heres the secret,offer your jacket before she asks. If you’re paying attention to her, you’ll notice when she starts rubbing her shoulders, which is the universal sign for “I’m freezing you big jerk and I didn’t wear a coat because it didn’t go with this outfit”. That’s when take off your jacket and put it around her shoulders.

8. Standing so someone else can sit

Whether it’s on MARTA in Atlanta, a Disney World Bus, or a crowded wedding/funeral. Doesn’t matter. Give your seat up for ladies and older people. BTW, if you don’t do this when I’m around, I WILL give you the stink eye.

9. Taking off your hat when you’re indoors

Especially if you’re sitting around a table having a meal. When I went to the Sugar Bowl in 1979 to watch Alabama and Penn State play, Coach Bryant wasn’t wearing his trademark houndstooth hat. Why? In his words “My mamma always told me to take my off indoors”. If it was good enough for him, it’s good enough for you.

BONUS tip to every dude under 30, if you want serious men to take you seriously, take off your hat when you’re inside.

10. Never hitting a woman

It’s kind of sad I even have to list one, but it is what it is. It doesn’t matter what she did, you never, ever hit a woman. Period. Dot. End of discussion.

Don’t give me the “she hit me first” excuse. There are lots of ways to protect yourself without hitting her. If you don’t know how, go to Youtube and search for “self-defense”.

  • If you’re single, these 10 traditions will make you attractive to the kinds of ladies you should want to be attracted to you.
  • If you’re married, these 10 traditions will make your wife think you’re her knight in shining armor.
  • If you’re a guy trying to figure out how to be respected by the men you respect, these 10 traditions will let them know you’re a guy worth watching.

How about it? Want to help me bring back these traditions?