The Eroding Ethics Of Senior Military Officers: John R. Allen
James W. Weirick

One thing that has always bothered me is the presence of retired GOs in the ranks of contractors. I’ve seen multiple examples of where a GO retires, and then a couple months later he calls his GO buddy in the Pentagon and down flows a tasker to answer a usually loaded question such as “Why are we wasting our money buying X when Y is clearly a better product for the warfighter?” We know when a DoD contractor hires one of these GOs, usually at a significant 6 figure salary, they’re expecting to leverage not only the GO’s own experience, but that GO’s rolodex.

I don’t have a problem with retirees joining contractors, the flow of real military experience into the contractor base is valuable. My problem is when those retirees then contact/lobby/try to influence the acquisition or force development process.

And any retiree who still uses his retired rank when working for a contractor loses my respect. I don’t know how many emails I’ve seen floating around from COL(ret) Bloughard @

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