How Businesses Are Starting To Rely On AI For Digital Marketing

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Artificial Intelligence, isn’t a new concept unless you were living in a cave with no access to Digital world. It has been the talk of both technology meetups, conferences, and whatnot. Sofia the robot can be a prime example, and general consumers (interacting through AI chat-bots and the like), but many still are unaware of what AI really is and what it can do, how it would automate and how it could be used in conjunction with influencer marketing.

And the changes are happening whether you like it or not.

What is AI all about?

AI or Artificial Intelligence couldn’t be more burning topic as it is right now. But is the hype and stories surrounding it even real? And what impacts will AI have on Social Media, Internet, Apps and other platforms and how we treat the customers or audience in the coming future?

It’s primary purpose is to replace/improve humans when making sophisticated tough decisions by crafting up algorithms, using data inputted into a system and then injecting code to help the computers make more intelligent decisions based on possible outcomes which would simplify the decisions.

What is artificial intelligence?

AI or Artificial Intelligence is the science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs based on various algorithms.

It is related to the similar task of using computers to understand human intelligence, but AI does not have to confine itself to methods that are biologically observable.

When did AI research start?

After WWII, a number of people independently started to work on intelligent machines. The English mathematician Alan Turing may have been the first. He gave a lecture on it in 1947.

He also may have been the first to decide that AI was best researched by programming computers rather than by building machines.

By the late 1950s, there were many researchers on AI, and most of them were basing their work on programming computers.

Behind the Curtains

According to the Salesforce’s 2017 “State of Marketing” report, AI is the leading tech where marketers expect the most growth in the coming two years.

In a survey of 3,500 marketers, respondents predict AI use will grow by 53% — a much higher rate than any other type of technology.

And among marketers who already use AI on their Marketing field, 64% said it has “massively increased their overall marketing efficiency.” Which signifies AI is doing much better good for them in driving sales for their customers and whatnot.

AI and Digital Marketing

In this day and age, data is one of the most valuable assets of any companies or corporation. And with all the major advancements and progress being made in machine learning and algorithms each week, Data Scientists and Marketers have found numerous ways to make use of technology and drive results for their clients for better conversion rates.

There are some very effective tools on the market already for AI integrations.

  • Optimizely — A tool for A/B test multiple variations of the same page, and allows users to experiment with the website’s interface to suit their unique needs and wants.
  • Hunch — Also an AI-powered tool, Hunch can automate and optimize your ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Adwords to bring out the best in them.
  • Sentient Ascend — AI-powered website experimentation tool for testing out various options and experimentation's to figure out the best option for the audience or visitors to drive more results.
Messenger Concept

The primary concern is, customers nowadays are expecting a very customized understanding from their most loved brands and other services.

With Artificial Intelligence, computerization of personalization has turned out to be conceivable, because of which, every guest is offered content which is more customized for each and every one of them.

What to take out of it.

Ultimately, we hold that controller for data collection, data processing, and optimization are the most likely AI applications to gain in the first hand in widespread use in marketing agencies. Maybe it’s too early, but sooner or later the tools will hit the market for agencies. And it will make significant changes to the process we are custom to.

So be ready to move along with the pace set by big guns in Marketing field.

Last but not least, let’s wind up wordplay with some of the quotes made by entrepreneurs and tech experts in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

“Artificial intelligence would be the ultimate version of Google. The ultimate search engine that would understand everything on the web. It would understand exactly what you wanted, and it would give you the right thing. We’re nowhere near doing that now. However, we can get incrementally closer to that, and that is basically what we work on.” — Larry Page

“The pace of progress in artificial intelligence (I’m not referring to narrow AI) is incredibly fast. Unless you have direct exposure to groups like Deepmind, you have no idea how fast — it is growing at a pace close to exponential. The risk of something seriously dangerous happening is in the five-year timeframe. 10 years at most.” — Elon Musk wrote in a comment on

“I don’t want to really scare you, but it was alarming how many people I talked to who are highly placed people in AI who have retreats that are sort of ‘bug out’ houses, to which they could flee if it all hits the fan.” — James Barrat, author of Our Final Invention: Artificial Intelligence and the End of the Human Era, told the Washington Post

“Some people call this artificial intelligence, but the reality is this technology will enhance us. So instead of artificial intelligence, I think we’ll augment our intelligence.” — Ginni Rometty

“You have to talk about ‘The Terminator’ if you’re talking about artificial intelligence. I actually think that that’s way off. I don’t think that an artificially intelligent system that has superhuman intelligence will be violent. I do think that it will disrupt our culture.” — Gray Scott

“It’s going to be interesting to see how society deals with artificial intelligence, but it will definitely be cool.” — Colin Angle

“Artificial intelligence will reach human levels by around 2029. Follow that out further to, say, 2045, we will have multiplied the intelligence, the human biological machine intelligence of our civilization a billion-fold.” — Ray Kurzweil

Ex Machina (2014)

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