Five Ways to Self-Loving

2017 has been a spiritual chapter for me where I learnt a great deal about the self. The self is a work of art, and it will evolve accordingly with whatever the universe is throwing at it. With the fear, confusion, anger, sadness that we may feel in the process, it could be overwhelming, and we have to set up boundaries to protect the self. Developing self-loving ability will not only help us to get by, but also to refine the self. Here are five ways that I have learnt to self-loving:

  1. Trials are good for growth

It is impossible to live without trials, at whatever scale. In Islam, both adversities and joys are trials. But particularly in discomfort where we grow. Adversities are callings for the self to take action that will eventually leads to happiness and growth. To be happy and to grow, the self needs things to solve. It is a constant work in progress. Sometimes it requires everything the self got. When the self have reached the feeling of comfort, that is when to tell that the effort has been rewarded. And then we move on to other things to solve.

2. Do what you think is right

Sometimes opinions of others matters too much on the self, and it becomes difficult to make decision because of overthinking. This is when the self need to practice listening to its own voice. The self is equipped with pure hearts and intuition that tells to do the right thing. Doing the right thing is not always necessarily to make ourselves happy, sometimes it is to make others happy and the self becomes happy because of it. Always start intentions from the pure heart.

3. Choose to whom and what you should give your energy

While there are so many things around the self that needs to be solved, it is important to choose the ones that are worth the energy. And choose wisely. This is a means to prevent the self from getting exhausted. An exhausted self may need a while to recover. Constant reminder on purpose and self qualities are the probably one of the best ways to help choose to whom and what the self should give their energy. Sometimes the outcome of giving energy may not be pleasant and not positive, but persistence is a powerful tool to overcome adversities.

4. Keep moving

Some days we may feel that we haven’t achieved much compared to others. But this life is not a race. It is a journey, and each one of the self has their own unique journey. The aim is for the self to progress, no matter big or small. The self needs to keep moving to encounter new possibilities and inspiration to enrich the journey. Always belief that every inch of this universe has lesson to learn from.

5. Be grateful and always keep the faith

As a believer, the self always need to refer back to God. While the self able to prepare for whatever is coming, truth is that we never know of what is going to come. Be grateful when things don’t turn out as expected, because our lives are written by the Greatest of Writers. And He is the Merciful, the Most Loving.

A wise saying goes, if you want to change the world, you have to start from yourself. Loving the self will give abundance of energy to love others and to help them getting by. But again, when you get no love in return, you are all that you got. Loving yourself is enough.