Four Reasons Millennials Should Maintain Well-being

As a millennial myself, many times I tried to think and articulate what it means to be a millennial.

Being part of the millennial generation means growing in time of technological and economic disruption. Alongside with that, millennial also witnessed how the world is slowly degrading, due to unsustainable systems that has been operating for decades. Despite the disruption, technology has central roles to our lives, in which it is helping so much with our practicalities, from personal to professional life. Technology also allowed us to be well-informed about so many things, as well as making us very connected individuals. With the fast-changing circumstances which mainly influenced by the digital world, it is important for millennials to adapt certain values and ways in order to maintain well-being, and here are the four reasons why:

1. We live in the fast-changing world

The world around us seems to evolve quickly, with little self-mastery, we will keep up with little meaning. Therefore keeping mindful of what our needs and wants is important. On the other hand, we need to balance them with the needs in the bigger context, and perhaps to keep them in parallel. In nowadays context, many things are thrown to us all at once. The overflowing information allows us to be aware of what is going on in the world around us, from both the real and digital world. With the abundance of information, it could be overwhelming without the capability to identify its relevancy to ourselves. Managing fast changing circumstances should start from the ability to identify our own unique characteristics in order to understand our roles in bigger context and to navigate effectively through changes. Our core values should be adjusted to a greater value to improve both self and the surrounding. Or simply put, always stay true to ourself : our values, our purposes, and our passion to help define our roles in the fast-changing world.

2. Keeping life balance could be difficult

One of the challenges faced by millennials is to keep our lives in balance. With the changing circumstances, definition of balance is also changing. We tend to have many things to balance. A great deal of our focus and time is dedicated to the external world: family, work, friends, and social life. With the majority of us being in the peak of productive age, there are so many possibilities and opportunities that we want to try and achieve. However, being so drawn in our duties may cause us to be disconnecting and neglecting ourselves. Having time to plug off from the external world is important to get us re-connected with ourselves. Being active and productive is inevitable for us millennials, but it is important to recover ourselves once in a while to connect with our inner core, maintaining health, and most importantly to be able to think clearly to remain productive.

3. Prioritizing is a task

Being productive and young, there are so many things that we want to try and explore.We are a generation that lives on so many options that it is affecting us financially. Result of a survey on millennials concluded only 36 % predict they will be financially better off than their parents(Deloitte, 2016). With so many things thrown at us, it could be difficult to priotitize our needs. Keeping our needs in minimum and being more mindful of what we consume or purchase are some of the ways to address this. Moreover, prioritizing is not only a means of keeping guard of our finance, but also the immaterial aspect. Since we give a great deal of focus and energy to the external world, it is also important to prioritize the energy and effort that we give out. The best payoff from the invested energy and effort should enhance our well-being, and help us grow as an individual, possibly for the long run.

4. Social Media is only a tool

Social media has major influence in shaping the ways that we communicate as millennials. While social media is a helpful platform to be connected, it should be used with caution. A report from Royal Society for Public Health (2017) conclude that Instagram has the most detrimental effect, as it may cause depression, anxiety, bullying, and Fear of Missing Out (FMO). Given the side effects, we need to able to identify to what extent social media should be influencing our lives, and how we can make use of it to improve our lives. Social media should only be a tool to help us gaining and sharing information. Navigating through it is by understanding the kind of information that is relevant for us to evolve as individuals, and use it to meet our prioritizing needs.

The conclusion is that it is not always easy being a millennial. Despite of all the priviledge and advancements around us, being mindful is important to maintain our well-being. It is important for us to sustain ourselves, as we are taking role in the effort to sustain our surrounding. What we plant today should be our source of wealth in the future: content and fullfilled beings, and improved environment.

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