Manhattan in a Glance

Brooklyn Bridge

Like many other metropolitans, New York is buzzing in its streets, underground, and public places. Getting around New York may be tricky for a first timer, but the city has all around access through its railway. This city also has advanced urban planning that allows businesses, public spaces, and streets to be interconnected, giving its people spaces to balance between their professional and personal life. New York may appear to be a concrete jungle, but there are surely many dynamic things to discover in the city.

New York’s main attractions are mostly situated in Manhattan. Discovering this biggest island of New York may take a while when you have options of exploring its neighborhoods, visiting the landmarks, getting insights from its creative industries, or maybe go on a shopping trip. With Manhattan situated in its heart, It is no wonder that the city never sleeps.

City subway

The easiest and most accessible way to get around New York is probably through its subway. New York City’s subway first operated in 1904, and currently serving in 36 lines with an average of 5,650,610 of daily passengers on weekdays (2015, Metropolitan Transportation Authority). As you take the subway, make a stop at the Grand Central Station, the ultimate hub for subways, trains, and busses. This station is first opened in 1871, and currently operating with 44 platforms, more than any other stations in the world. The station’s Main Concourse has been appearing in some high profile Hollywood movies and publications, making it as one of the must-see place in the city for tourists and visitors.

New York City Grand Central Station main Concourse

City parks

New York City is also home to noteworthy parks, ranging in around 113 km square of lands. Through its parks, this city has set a great example on the importance of providing green public spaces. In the midst of the upbeat and buzzing setting, these parks are places to breath fresh air while feeding the minds with new inspiration to embark on the next tasks. Occasionally, the parks will turn into concert venues of local artist, as well as many other local events. When in Manhattan, spare some time in Central Park and enjoy its calm surrounding. This place is also a heaven for photographers.

Union Square Park

City Neighborhoods

As you stroll around downtown Manhattan, you will pass by several neighborhoods that offers different sights. Given its history as city of immigrants, these neighborhoods are home to people of diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds. Take time to observe or to chat with the locals to get a better insights of the dynamics within the neighborhoods. From the vibrant SoHo and TriBeCa, to the middle working class neighborhood of Lower East Side.

Basketball court at Chinatown neighborhood

Paying a visit to New York will surely leave a lifetime impression. The city has so many things to offer, even for visitors. Make sure you make the most of your time while in there.

Note: this post is written based on my trip to New York in August 2014. All photos are taken by myself and subject to permission to use.

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