Social Enterprise — Elevating communities for social change

The current global goal is putting much importance on sustainability. Major organization such as the United Nations are setting goals and programs to be implemented until grass root level to help shaping a better world. Internet has also important role in spreading information to all layers and members of communities across the globe. With the growing of netizen community, it is generating awareness and strengthening global solidarity to reach the global goals. Each parties should chose in which particular field or cause they want to give their dedication in supporting the global goals, including establishing social enterprises.

In the past years, social enterprises has been emerging in many countries across the world. Social enterprise has been used as a tool to answer problems as well as to help improve economies in communities, especially in developing countries. It is a form of innovation with a mission that could be initiated by anyone in anywhere with certain skills, knowledge or expertise. Having the core principles of business, establishing a social enterprise should also require openness towards possibilities and changes, and also creativity to cope with both. Social enterprise should use the creative ability to identify potentials or resources and problems, and to be able to connect them to help improve communities. However, with the fast changing trends in today world, social enterprise should be able to adapt accordingly, and cope by evolving creativity to innovate with their products or services.

With the pursuit of social mission, social enterprises are generators to social change. Social enterprise should help improve economies, also to create added skills for members of communities, especially with low income and productivity. Having increased added skills also leads to some evidence of increased psychological condition, such as increasing self-esteem. Therefore, it is important for social enterprises to sustain in order to maintain the well-being of its beneficiaries, and in larger picture to improve certain conditions in communities. Globally, social enterprise has concrete contribution in reaching the global goals.

Social enterprises should continue to evolve, both as social mission and business. It is important for social enterprise actors to maintain creativity in developing their businesses, and to reach wider to communities in order to create greater impact. Other than having clear purpose and consistent branding, actively doing marketing and publication will also help businesses to grow. Social enterprises not only need to construct their market, but also educating them the importance of “buying social” to help improve communities. With the increasing usage of IT-based portals, these objectives could be met more quickly and effectively compared to the previous times.

In Indonesia, the trend of emerging social enterprise is more observable in the present days. Many social enterprise are grouping to each other to create their own communities for a stronger impact. With young people starting to take part as actors that initiates social enterprises, the future seems promising. The effort of promoting social enterprise as part of the economy system should be encouraged by the government and citizens in general. If implemented as national scale program, social enterprise will not only help improve many communities, but also re-shaping our ways of consuming products. With the shift, people will become more mindful of consumerism, especially on how it is affecting the environment. In the case of Indonesia, nurturing social enterprise is also a means of aligning with the principle of “People Economics” (Ekonomi Kerakyatan), which has been the visions of our founding fathers to create equal welfare.