The Villager And The F-18

Deep Prasad
Sep 30 · 14 min read
Picture seeing this while being alive in the 1600s. You probably wouldn’t even recognize the missile as a weapon..
This is the Navy when you ask them about UFOs. Recently Congressmen Walker of Homeland Security committee has made the accusation that they’re withholding data on UFOs/UAPs. If all these incidents were simply hobbyist drones or other countries infringing on their airspace, why would that information be withheld? If it’s another country doing this, we would be looking at an act of war and would have seen an appropriate response long ago.
Each circle represents a sound wave as it ripples out and away from the source. In this case the F-18 is the source. Diagrams a-d increase with respect to the speed of the object relative to the speed of sound. (a) Less than the speed of sound. (b) Speed of sound (c) Exceeding the speed of sound (d) Greatly exceeding the speed of sound, this produces a narrower v-shape with overlapping circles.
Replication of the Tic-Tac.
Image taken from “Can we be we’re the first Industrial Civilization?” source:

Deep Prasad

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CEO of ReactiveQ, BASc. Industrial Engineering ’18,University of Toronto,Physicist and Entrepreneur. Building the world’s most advanced multi-physics system.

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