What kind of life do you want to live?

Deep Prasad
Jun 30, 2019 · 14 min read

Growing up no one ever tells you everything there is to know about the world. Why would they? It would be an impossible task to take on for both the teacher and the student. Yet as we grow up we are constantly given information that is at best 2nd-hand, and it is subtly implied as indisputable fact. Sometimes if you argue enough with the teacher, they might make it explicit how indisputable the fact is by shutting you up through various methods. Even if you successfully prove them wrong you will have at best enlightened a small crowd of minds around you. Yet Humanity’s collective pool of (incorrect) knowledge would remain largely unchanged regarding the fact being debated at hand.

The purpose of this article is not to convince anyone of anything. If it is meant to be, it will play its small part in igniting the public subconsciousness to go out and ask the hard questions that need to be asked about the current world around them. If we want to have any dignity left as a society that prides itself with the status of an “intelligent, thinking species” then we should be jumping onto the pursuit for truth whenever new, potentially game-changing information comes our way. In my definition, game-changing information means information that could lead to the next definitive steps in Human evolution. Examples from history include the Golden Ages of Greece, Iran and the Renaissance in Europe over 400 years ago.

To first understand where I’m coming from, you must put yourself in my shoes. I’m an inventor, an entrepreneur, a trained Engineer from a top school and a die-hard Humanist. My life revolves around the Scientific pursuit of knowledge and using it in a way that the whole world benefits. I’m a long way away from reaching that goal, but you can bet I have a good idea by now of what it takes to get there and how hard it really is for ilk like Elon Musk to pull off what they did. I started Engineering as a sci-fi level dreamer (still am) but most of my ideas had no connection to Reality. They either did not Scientifically hold or they were technically infeasible and on par with developing any of the absurd technologies seen in Star Wars. One can imagine as a 17-year old technologist looking to start a company, I failed hard. And I failed a lot. Some of my ideas would not even make it to the startup stage and they would get shut down by further research. The reason goes back to the naivety I mentioned, and I learned the hard way what the Scientific and Engineering limits of the real world are on a wide variety of topics. Some of these topics included rapid-prototyping in the manufacturing process for microelectronics and consumer electronics,Wifi-on-Chip construction, 3D printing, Semi-Conductor manufacturing, Propulsion and High Energy Laser Beam conversion in space.

Over years of speaking to some of the world’s experts and leading companies on these topics as well as running a “deep tech” company, I’d like to think I’ve built an intuition for walking the fine line between the art of the possible and the art of the impossible. I’m constantly checking my numbers, claims, facts and their sources before making my company’s next move. My sci-fi ambition drives the direction but the *Real World* and its limitations firmly ground our goals in Reality. We have to. We have no other choice. It would be insanity for us to make our Engineering decisions based on speculating what technology might be built or discovered someday. Imagine for a second I worked at Tesla as an engineer and refused to work on the current model, a model constrained by Earth’s resources and the imagination of Tesla’s brightest talent. Imagine that I insisted instead on waiting for the magic metal Vibranium to be discovered and given to me and I refused to even acknowledge that the current model was our best one. That is no strategy and such an engineer would soon find themselves working elsewhere, probably at a sci-fi publication rather than in a hard Engineering environment. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but such a mentality is inexcusable for someone who actually does need to build something useful for the world at some point.

Following? Good. Now you’re where I am, sort of. I see a world full of Engineers waiting for Vibranium to be dropped into their hands. Oddly enough, I see that there really does exist a very advanced technology that behaves like Vibranium but whoever owns it isn’t willing to share or reveal themselves. To make matters worse, the owner of said technology not only has Vibranium, they also seem to have some sort of impossible fuel source unknown to mankind and abilities to move through Reality in ways that were again, previously thought impossible. I am not describing science fiction here, this is real life. We are really living this scenario whether you like it or not. There is really someone out there who has attained the epitome of Science and Engineering in ways that break some of our most precious, well preserved laws of Physics. They have somehow overcome Engineering challenges that are hilariously out of scope for any Engineer, Technology Company, Government Organization or Private Organization in the public domain. I don’t care if you’re Google, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, SpaceX or Apple. You cannot and will not be able to replicate the observed technologies that the US Navy is constantly encountering around the world, as reported in virtually every mainstream media outlet these past few weeks. The very same flying objects invading their airspace is able to run circles around their best jets and pilots and leave without a chance of getting caught or identifying themselves. At a glance, a rational human might wonder, “Well who has the gonads to pull that off in US Military Air Space repeatedly without worrying about starting a war if they’re not American, or risk killing their own people if they are American? Most importantly, who can pull this level of technology off and stay hidden for all of Human History?” To me, the technology we are seeing is potentially hundreds of years ahead of us. I do not say this lightly. In fact, thanks to a fantastic journalist named Tyler Rogoway I came to realize how hilariously far behind even the greatest superpowers like the US is in catching up to the level of technology the Navy is running into. I say hilarious but it’s really not, in fact what I came to learn through a series of investigations done on the subject of what these objects are capable of and how no one knows what they are, has disturbed me to no end.

Figure 1. A seemingly harmless chassis design of what is claimed to be a craft capable of manipulating spacetime through the use of gravity waves, travelling through any medium including Space, Air and Water, and even “swift movement” beyond our Solar System. This would explain the UFO sightings of many of the Navy pilots that have come out of the wood work, too bad this patent is blatant Pseudoscience.

According to Tyler a patent was recently filed by a Scientist from the Naval Air Station (NAWCAD) Patuxent River in Maryland, the Navy’s top Aircraft Test Base. This patent is no ordinary patent. It belongs in the category of theoretical, exotic technology designs that don’t exist, never existed and probably never will. For this reason, we will nickname it the “Star Wars Patent”. This patent, that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) accepted as legitimate however is a complete abomination to Science and a blow to the intellectual integrity of the most powerful country on the planet. Normally I wouldn’t be so critical, but this is coming from a top Aircraft Test base and the most sought after, technologically rich Patent office in the world. For them to accept such tomfoolery is beyond infuriating, confusing and frankly very telling of the Reality of the situation we are all living in. It is the reason for why I was and remain disturbed. Let me explain by first addressing the Science and Engineering of the patent in question and then we’ll look at some of the other patents the same Scientist filed regarding other exotic technologies. I’ll also quickly summarize what the justification of the patent office was for accepting such an obviously flawed patent like the Star Wars Patent. Their answer is something that every journalist that reads this should be jumping on finding out more about.

The patent application was initially rejected by the patent examiner under the grounds that one of the requirements was generating a magnetic field on the order of 10⁹ Teslas, which as Tyler Rogoway correctly states is roughly the same strength as Magnetars. Such a magnetic field that this patent design calls for is hundreds of millions of times stronger than any man-made magnet, and quadrillions of times more powerful than the field surrounding Earth. Another fun fact about magnetars, they are 3 times heavier than the Sun while being only 10km in radius on average, which means a teaspoon of the stuff would weigh 100 million tons. Good luck recreating that in a tiny 50 foot long vehicle in our atmosphere without falling and tearing a hole through Planet Earth! While that’s a figure of speech, I’m probably not far off from guessing what would happen there. This tone of incredulity, silly levels of expectations of what our Engineering can do (we obviously can’t engineer magnetar level magnetic field strengths even if we didn’t need to recreate a literal magnetar) mixed with simple but fatal Scientific errors more or less stays constant through all of these patents filed by the same Scientist from NAWCAD.

Figure 2. Patent filed by the US Navy suggesting the use of cryogenically cooled superconducting materials in vehicle design. A currently infeasible idea, the engineering to reduce a superconducting system to the appropriate size while maintaining structural integrity within something as small as a craft is well outside of the scope of cutting edge Engineering.

The patent goes on to assume that in order for the fantastical Star Wars craft they are claiming to be building, there will exist strong enough materials that can contain the amount of heat that would come from the energy involved in the acclaimed propulsion of the system. After all, producing the field strength of something bigger than a star would likely require more energy than all of Humanity’s yearly energy consumption. The craft would need to store more energy than the entire Earth can produce, but let’s forget that matter for a second..we lack the Engineering just to make the outer skin of the craft if we went the superconducting route (figure 2). Both Yttrium Barium Copper Oxide and Niobium based alloys require being cooled down to -180 degrees Celsius or colder in order to work. The infrastructure required just to cool a chip the size of your thumb to the level such that we get superconducting effects in a quantum computer ends up being the size of a room and costs $15 Million Dollars. D-Wave has been around for 20 years and are at the cutting edge of using superconducting technologies, if they figured out how to reduce the size of their fridges down to the size of something that fits in a craft, they wouldn’t have spent hundreds of millions of dollars doing what they’re doing.

Speaking of superconductors, here’s another curious patent that the same Scientist filed for on the behalf of the US Secretary of the Navy. This time it’s on patenting a design for a room temperature superconductor which is considered a “Holy Grail” of materials science and engineering. It would be analogous to me patenting an AI algorithm capable of replacing every human on the planet, except my design was fundamentally flawed from the get go and the magic algorithm was nowhere to be found. Experts believe human level AI is still decades away, if it’s even achievable which is yet to be proven. So it would be strange if my patent got accepted on such grounds, right? I wouldn’t and indeed don’t stand a chance in predicting what the final Human level AI algorithms in the 2050s onwards will look like. If I did, I would have built a private army of sentient droids serving all my purposes already! Notably the inventor, Salvatore Pais, incorrectly conflates virtual phonons with physical phonons generated by shaking the wire in order to create cooper pairs in the room temperature superconducting patent application. The latter does not and will not ever create superconducting effects. This shows a fundamental flaw in the party’s understanding of Superconducting physics, it is akin to me confusing an apple with an orange just because they are both round! So why then was this patent taken seriously if it couldn’t possibly be right, right from the get go? Is this part of a suite of radical, impossible technologies they foresee coming for some reason? Is it to trick the enemy? Or is it something else, something a bit more sinister and a combination of all of the above and more? I believe it is the last option and my stance on this issue will be clear by the end of this article.

The final patent I want to review is the High Frequency Gravity Wave (HFGW) Generator by Pais. High Frequency Gravity waves are used in the initial patent in question of our star wars level craft as well, so it makes sense that this specific subsystem got its own patent, as it would be a big deal if it existed. Unfortunately, detecting the weakest of gravity waves has ended up being a multi billion dollar, century long pursuit. Imagine how hard creating them would be if just detecting them is this hard. It was 100 years after Einstein’s predictions of Gravity waves could we finally pick up the faint oscillations of spacetime (Gravity waves) caused by the collision of 2 blackholes. That’s what it takes to create a Gravity wave of any detectable frequency. To claim that we can generate them at will, to a point that we can bend spacetime to our liking and traverse at 30 times the speed of sound or more is ludicrous. We are never producing more energy than what is contained in the collision of 2 blackholes. Apparently, the US Navy believes someone already is doing that or will be able to in the near future.

The energy requirement alone disqualifies the Star Wars craft design. Every single patent while interesting sounding in nature, would unlock an entirely new world for us if it existed. If we could actually produce a fraction of the energy implied in these design patents, if we could produce a fraction of the capabilities of manipulating spacetime the way this craft supposedly can when it’s working, we would never have to work another day in our lives. We would literally have the rest of the Galaxy in our finger tips. There are asteroids out there made of diamond, gold and titanium (maybe not all at once, but it doesn’t matter when you have Star Wars level craft) that we could mine. We already know there are thousands of exoplanets within reach, they would instantly get unlocked if we had the technology purported to power this new era of craft the Navy is trying to build. Seriously, I mean it when I say we wouldn’t need to work again. What would be the point exactly when all of mankind would suddenly have access to an infinite amount of resources rather than being stuck to what’s offered on Earth? We could all become explorers. Hell, we could all have our own planets. There’s enough of them out there.

Here’s the crazy part: These Star Wars level craft do exist. It is not speculation unless you are paranoid and condescending enough to not trust any of the Scientists, trained Military Professionals and Government involved that are coming out and confirming their existence to the world these days. The Navy have been running into these craft more and more over the past few years, and in some areas sometimes the incursions are almost daily. If these patents are among the Navy’s best guesses as to how these invading machines work and if they are at least somewhat close, then we are talking about energy scales that are ginormous and far beyond the abilities of our civilization. For those familiar with the Kardashev Scale, a civilization that can harness as much energy as the Sun or more is considered a Type II civilization, while Earth is considered a Type ~0.73 civilization. We are millenia away from building something that could capture or generate as much power as the Sun does. The alarming thing to note here is that even if we or when we could, that would still not be able to create the amount of power involved in generating the weakest of Gravitational waves. So, who is capable of potentially creating the magnetic field of a magnetar in our atmosphere all while flying around with impunity? I agree it has to do with manipulating Gravity and potentially gravity waves, but that would require more energy than generating the magnetar-level magnetic field I wager! However there is probably a chance that these hypersonic UFOs are using an undiscovered set of emergent properties of matter that occur with specific isotopic ratios and electron configurations, leading to the decoupling of spacetime in a way that allows for them to tolerate 12,000gs (an F-18 would start to break apart at 13.5gs) without compromising their energy requirements. But then such materials would require Engineering that is downright impossible for anyone on the planet to do now, 50 or even 100 years from now.

Either way, I am at a loss of Scientific and Engineering knowledge to speculate on how these things work. I believe speculation is a waste of time. I would rather handle one of these flying objects myself, where studying the materials that they’re composed of alone could advance our knowledge of Material Science by a factor of potentially hundreds of years.

Some relaxing art because what I’m about to say is not relaxing at all.

The reason why the patent ended up getting accepted was because the Naval Aviation Enterprise CTO Dr. James Sheehy personally vouched that the Star Wars Craft design was grounded in Reality. His exact quote includes the following: “China is already investing significantly in this area” and “[I] would prefer we [the U.S.] hold the patent as opposed to paying forever more to use this revolutionary technology” as he asserted “this will become a reality.” Given that I, a random 23-Year-Old on the internet could find glaring Scientific and Engineering flaws in their design, how is it possible that the patent examiner who had already rejected the Star Wars patent once, change his mind just because the CTO basically asked him to? They mention preliminary lab results to justify why the patent examiner should change their mind but those results are on energy scales tens of billions times lower than what is needed to accomplish what we’re talking about here and I am being nice with those numbers.

Finally, here is what I see: There are physics defying craft flying around in our air space all over the world, and China and the US and other countries are in a race to figure out how they work. The craft potentially represent technology from a Type II civilization based on the US Navy’s very own estimates as reflected in the Star Wars Patent debacle. It is my belief that no country or group of humans on this planet can currently circumvent the power consumption or material science issues involved in these designs, even if they figure out the Scientific principles that may allow for such Star Wars craft to exist. Again, they are real, the question people should be asking is how they work and who built them and how. I personally don’t care if you want to bury your head in the sand and believe that these are the result of black projects hidden away in some bunker in the United States or a different country. If that’s true, then great, we can all quit our jobs starting tomorrow. All we’d need is the right journalists, politicians and influencers of the world to get to the bottom of which group has secretly gotten on the level of a Type II civilization while the rest of us haven’t even hit Type I yet. Then they would have to ask that group to politely share their technology so that the rest of Humanity benefits. Do you believe there exists such a group? If so, they hold the keys to your future and a life you could be living that you can’t even dream of at the moment. I mean this in the most rational, least fanatic but inspiring way possible. We could be camping on an exoplanet right now, without a need to worry about a job or a care in the Universe. If you’ve managed to read everything in this article, congratulations. You are now in a position to answer my question: What kind of life do you want to live? One in which we live on a dying world with depleting resources everyone will fight for, or one where Human immortality and traversing other Galaxies become engrained into the Human identity?

Deep Prasad

Written by

CEO of ReactiveQ, BASc. Industrial Engineering ’18,University of Toronto,Physicist and Entrepreneur. Building the world’s most advanced multi-physics system.

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