a [found] poem by Christopher Moltisanti

Everybody starts out somewheres

They do something, something gets done to them

And it changes their life.

Isaac Newton invented gravity

’Cause some asshole hit him with an apple.

That’s called an arc.

Where’s my arc?

My friends have abandoned me.

I’ve been totally fuckin’ ostra-fied.

I’m already under a what-do-you-call-it, possibly.

Enough! I’m so sick and tired.

I’m drownin’ here!

I saw the tunnel and the white light

And I saw my father in hell.

His house looked like shit.

(Plus we got to see Lindsay Lohan –

total piece of ass.)

Long story short, he’s put back together

By science. Or maybe it’s supernatural.

A one-shoe cocksucker.

Real fuckin’ dark character.

I gave that fuck pieces of my soul.

That’s the guy, Adriana.

The guy I’m goin’ to hell for.

If you love me, stir my eggs.

That’s all anybody ever talks about

Proscuitto, cheese, and fuckin’ fava beans

Not to mention the lyonnaise

Fucking potatoes you didn’t even touch.

So stop with that.

This is ‘Scarface,’ final scene.

This is my corner.

This ain’t negotiation time.

This is my goodbye party with heroin.

Everybody starts out somewheres

That’s called an arc.

Isaac Newton invented gravity

But I got no identity.