The Complete TypeScript Programming Guide for Web Developers

Learn what is typescript language, how to write TypeScript classes & functions in this TypeScript Programming Tutorial.

A lot of people became acquainted with TypeScript because of Angular 2, but many stayed with TypeScript even after Angular 2. Although, it received recognition as a brilliant language because of its use in Angular 2 (you need to learn TypeScript to code in Angular 2), these days it’s become an independent language that is being used across the industry.

Why TypeScript though? Well, for starters TypeScript is a simple and easy language that allows developers to code with ease. It basically a superset of JavaScript, which means if you already know JavaScript, then you don’t even have to learn a new language, just a few new features. TypeScript can also use all the features of JavaScript and ES6 as well as additional features that are not a part of JavaScript.

The best part of TypeScript? It’s amazing compiler! TypeScript offers static type-checking that checks for errors during compile time, so that you do not come across errors during testing or post compilation, making it easier and faster to spot errors and fix them before testing your app. For more Click here

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