GSoC Journey : 1st Week at OpenMRS

GSoC’s coding period kicked off from 27th May. 2nd June marks the end of 1st week. During the 1st week, I spent some time removing blockers, fixing bugs and implementing the 1st milestone for my proposal — Implementing the Provider Module.

Lets see this in detail.

Provider Module

The issue is raised at AC-402 and the Pull Request is at #599. Currently I have been able to get all the Providers related to the account. Also test cases for the have been added.



At first on analyzing the APK, we didn’t find any .so files. But later on I found out the SQLCipher library by Zetetic was not generating its files properly and our APK missed the files generated by it.

Updating the library and fixing the gradle files solved this bug.

What I learned

  1. Learnt about Gradle Play Publishing library.
  2. Learnt that some libraries were coded in native C++ due to which the need to be made both 32-bit and 64-bit compliant.
  3. End of support of 32-bit apps on Playstore.
  4. Getting hands on MVP Architecture.
  5. Writing test cases using Mockito to increase code coverage.

Target for next week