GSoC Journey : 1st Week at OpenMRS

Deepak Prasad
Jun 2, 2019 · 2 min read

GSoC’s coding period kicked off from 27th May. 2nd June marks the end of 1st week. During the 1st week, I spent some time removing blockers, fixing bugs and implementing the 1st milestone for my proposal — Implementing the Provider Module.

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Lets see this in detail.

Provider Module

In short, a Provider is someone that provides medical services to a patient, e.g., doctor, nurse or clerk. The goal is to implement the Provider Module so that we can view what providers are listed under an account, ability to add providers and retire them, etc.

The issue is raised at AC-402 and the Pull Request is at #599. Currently I have been able to get all the Providers related to the account. Also test cases for the have been added.


A blocker was found at AC-613 which is causing the build to fail. The reason maybe the Gradle Play Publisher plugin. We are getting error in google_play.json file due to which our release variants are not being uploaded to the Playstore automatically.


Several bugs were encountered and solved. One of them was getting a notification from Google Console that our app was 32-bit and needed to be converted to 64-bit. An issue was raised on the OpenMRS talk thread.

At first on analyzing the APK, we didn’t find any .so files. But later on I found out the SQLCipher library by Zetetic was not generating its files properly and our APK missed the files generated by it.

Updating the library and fixing the gradle files solved this bug.

What I learned

From learning perspective, it was a great week for me.

  1. Learnt about Gradle Play Publishing library.

Target for next week

The target for next week will be removing the blocker and add the features for the Provider Module.

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