GSoC Journey- 7th week at OpenMRS

Deepak Prasad
Jul 15 · 2 min read

Time has flew so fast and more than half of GSoC’s coding period is over.

Implementing Dark Mode

This was one of the features that to took so much effort. I though it would be easy to add “just another theme” to the app but I was wrong.

It took me more than 5–6 days of continuous work to get it working. Although it is currently experimental, we can be sure that the next additions to the app will be compatible with multiple themes.

Some of the common pitfalls to look for while adding a dark theme to your app are:

  • Assuming that the background color is always light
  • Hard-coding text colors
  • Setting a hard-coded background color, while using the default text color
  • Using a drawable icon which is a static color

In all these cases, use themed attributes.

You can find the PR here.

One task remaining is to migrate the PNG/JPEG icons to vector drawables.

To know more on how to add Night/Dark Mode to your app step by step, head on to my tutorial.

Next Milestones

Now we need to focus on Provider Dashboard and adding a custom analytics to our Android app.

A moment of Joy

I was elated when I got to know that I had been selected as June’s Volunteer of the Month. I didn’t expect this coming.

This was one of the best moment working with OpenMRS and I would like to thank everyone, especially Maharaj Fawwaz A. Yusran, my mentor, who made this possible.

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