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Google Assistant is rated top smart speaker assistant after 800 question test.

It’s hard for anyone to argue against Google Assistant being the best voice assistant at answering queries. Assistant has proven time after time on tests by multiple companies by Stone Temple, Loup Ventures, and Tom’s Guide all ranked Google Assistant on top and that it’s superior. Loup Ventures has, for the second year in a row, performed a test with Google Assistant, Siri, and Amazon Alexa smart speakers to determine which is the smartest option.

Unsurprisingly, Google Assistant took the crown here yet again.

Over 800 questions, Google…

Google Assistant is now the first multilingual virtual assistant.

Most people can speak two or more languages, but voice assistants have always forced them to pick and use just one. Multilingual households are becoming increasingly common, with several sources [1][2][3] indicating that multilingual speakers already outnumber monolingual counterparts, and that this number will continue to grow. Family members in bilingual homes often switch back and forth between languages, and now the Assistant can keep up. No need to fiddle with with the settings: Google Assistant and Home speaker are now bilingual(something no other digital assistant can do), allowing users to…

Source: Google

Google Assistant + Smart display is = a great Sous-chef.

Over the last couple of years, you’ve been able to talk to the Google Assistant to get things done. Voice assistants are getting more helpful than ever. For instance, Google Assistant can tell you the latest weather, traffic and meeting schedules, by simply asking. Much more than a smart speaker, Smart Display, a new category of devices for the smart home that brings the Google Assistant to an interactive screen for a richer visual experience designed to comfortably watch music videos, follow recipes, manage your calendar, and more — all…

In one consolidated visual dashboard, Assistant can pull together info like commute times and scheduled meetings so you can plan your day.

At I/O 2018, Google announced a new “visual experience” for Assistant on phones that is quite reminiscent of the original vision for Google Now. Featuring proactive suggestions and personalized information for your day, this redesign is rolling out now.


Celebrate dad and make the most of Father’s Day with a little help from your Google Assistant.

Dads are awesome. They teach you how to ride your first bike, sneak you the last cookie when no one’s looking, they make sure there are no monsters under your bed, helping us reel in the ‘huge’ fish, catching us when we stumbled, reading the same book 325 times, and being there for us no matter what. Dads are pretty awesome. Often the unsung heroes of couch-fort building, light bulb replacing, family movie nights, impromptu dance parties and fixing broken things, Dad doesn’t even get to wear a cape.

I believe that what we become depends on what our…

Source: Google

Google Assistant routines realize their potential with full customization. Simply say one customizable command and your Google Assistant will do multiple things like play music, control your smart home and get a daily briefing.

Routines are a sequence of related commands that are launched with a simple phrase. Each routine focuses on a transition point that occurs during a typical day, and includes a varied list of commands that can be tuned to the user’s needs. As an example, here’s how a Routine can start your day.

Say “Hey Google, good morning”, and the Assistant can:

  • Take your phone off…

Google Assistant now integrates with Fandango to let you easily buy movie tickets.

With Google Assistant, find showtimes, buy tickets and watch trailers, all by voice.

Your box office guide
If you’re not sure what you’re in the mood for, just ask your Google Assistant for “showtimes near me,” and if one of the movies sounds interesting, you can keep the conversation going by asking “who stars in it?” or “show me the trailer.”

Google has worked with Fandango to integrate ticket purchases right into the Assistant with voice commands, that should make ordering movie tickets a quick and…


Google Assistant turns your house into a smart home

With Google I/O just a matter of days away, Google wants you to know that Google Assistant is quite proficient at controlling the smart home, noting an admitted pretty impressive bump in hardware compatibility. By its count, the number of compatible devices recently hit the 5,000 mark. That means, now you can say “Hey Google” to more than 5,000 smart home devices.

That number is up from 1,500 in January — an admittedly impressive jump in a short time frame. That, in itself, was a pretty decent jump since Google Home…


Whether you’re getting the kids ready for school, doing a batch of laundry, or answering the doorbell for the morning vendors, Indian homes are busy ones. From catching that Bollywood blockbuster on your smart TV, to whipping up a quick Chole Bhature, to sinking into soulful Sufi tunes at the end of a tiring day, you can now get hands-free help.

Indian users can now welcome Google Home in their lives, voice-activated speaker powered by the Google Assistant. …

Pay and get paid instantly with Google Assistant’s new command

Ever had to go through the hassle of exchanging bank details to send or receive a payment to your friends? When the weekend’s over, chances are someone owes you (or you owe someone) money for something — Friday night’s movie tickets, Saturday afternoon’s barbecue supplies, or Sunday’s concert tickets. That could soon be a thing of the past, just ask your Google Assistant to pay your friends and family back with Google Pay, so you can spend more time having fun and less time dealing with paying each other. …

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