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One fine weekend when there was snow all around and no sunlight … (oh missed mentioning that I live in Stockholm ) I started looking in Linkedin on what is that the companies are looking for in experienced iOS developers now a days, because i joined my company almost 2 years ago and haven’t looked at Job openings on Linkedin for a long time. So wanted to know what else is there which I don’t know and should catch up on.

I was shocked to notice that almost all the job openings and positions out there are still looking for Objective C experts! I have built iOS apps for 4 years on Objective C but as soon as Swift came out started evolving, me and my teammates started switching to Swift and now its been 2 years since i have written anything in objective C. This was quite surprising for me as to why the companies are not using swift and are scared to migrate to Swift! Infact to find out the asnwer i asked a recruiter that question and he said its because they think writing apps in Swift makes app size bigger! Our app has tons of files and classes and still is 13MB 🤔

And then there were jobs with requirement of having more contribution to Stack Overflow. I can understand if companies want to know how much you are open to contributing and sharing the knowledge but making it mandatory is a bit weird. I would like to think that not having a lot of contribution on Stack overflow is sometimes good because you are not looking for questions all day trying to answer them and get some points and instead you are busy working at office and trying to contribute to the tickets & stories that you are assigned with. I have seen people who spend 30% of their work time trying to be active on SO or twitter so that you can get the those points, is that really good? 🤔 May be contributing during weekend or after office hours is good but not in the time when you are paid to do something else.

Open Source

Finally there was a lot of emphasis on having Github projects which i think is great because you can get to see the actual code and coding standard of the developer and see if that fits your expectations. And that made me think if someone outside my daily work seems my code and reviews it then i might start learning something different & may be the pressure of it might make me learn more and more. So finally because of this i started uploading my weekend hobby projects to Github.

As a first step i have had an idea on making UICollectionViewLayout more useful and flexible for more than an yeat and had a project in my local which I made open source and made public through cocoapods - FlexiCollectionViewLayout. Which helped me learn dependency managers cocoa pods, Swift Package Manager & carthage.

After making it open source I realized that I can make it even better and better. Now this has become addictive & i had a TODO list with tens of ideas, which I never worked on 😣, they are taking shape now and have started working on them.

So my point is its always nice to keep looking at job portals to see whats the good trend which will help you to be better at your job. Working on private projects is fun & you will learn things that you will not if you stick to your day to day work. Don’t hesitate & have the fear of failing, open sourcing will help you improve yourself & evaluate your weaknesses and work on them.

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