Living in the Past

I have loved as all have,

and as all want to.

But love did not last,

I loved an image but not her.

And I never knew that it would end this way.

I was lost in myself.

Inside a sea,

A sea of mistrust and fear.

I feared loving again,

I feared being hurt again,

Time does heal!

But how slow does time flow when we think of nothing but the past?

Love lost made me lose a part of myself.

The mere fact that she is not here is something hard to digest.

It is hard to come to terms with.

But I must,

As the past is but a ghost of our lives; a ghost that dwells in our memories.

Haunting forever,

Never forgotten,

Never given up on.

It is a sad smile,

On seeing an old poem.

On seeing a place we used to go to.

Thinking of the plans we made.

But I must forget; I must let go;

I must stop living in the past.

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