This is my first i am beginner .i will try my best to give all my emotions within me.this thought came to my mind just like lightning the story begin, I think i should write this idea , it can happen to anyone because this is so much common in our daily life.

1)when exam have gone bad

2)when u want to sleep but no one listening to u

3)when u have lost ur job etc ......

So i start my blog now..!!

Sometime i go through a change of mind.

It started to growl me by hitting ahammer on my head.

I try to stop it,but it actually takeover me.

I try to be silent.

But the surrondings always knock to see why it's quiet.

Why not talking

So the mind try to make it go away but as the knock increases.

The blood started to rise and the anger errupt.

the anger flows up through a fissurein the surrounding

surrounding, started to feel bad

And it goes on

So i try to be unsocial ,after some time alone with me.

Annoyance feel cold and again the life of surrondings started to work.

And the life goes on.

By writing this poem,i feel good.In the last word i will say ,there were many time when u want to feel free but something annoy you and the annoying goes on.u want to stop it but it actually not naturally anger comes out.someone will feel bad,u can’t stop them from try to avoid contact with others for alone give time to urself and my choice u will feel good.

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