The mind does reasoning to itself in whichever environment it’s working in. It struggles a lot to reason, once it accepts it’s out of its capacity, it starts accepting everything beyond as is & starts assuming. If it’s able to reason it, it will find another topic to start reasoning. Mind is so curious sometimes and hopelessly idle at other. The only thing that exercises a mind is reasoning after reasoning . And the only thing that can make the mind inactive is assumption.

I don’t know what I’m, I don’t know why I’m here. Feels like the consciousness is building up from nothing or like waking up from an empty dream and clueless whats next. When I think back, it feels like it started with nothing being connected to each other. I don’t realize when or if my mind asked some muscle to try to open something that the world calls it an eye, try to sense pain, hunger, all abstract feelings — its the mind’s doors to the world outside. Before I realize that I should be reasoning, I have been acting to things I was not aware of. Now I think it’s called the true silence. It’s when you don’t reason and you don’t assume. You just sense, hear, smell and see but nothing runs thru your mind.

As time passed I could realize what all I’ve got in my body. Sense, smell and vision started materializing. I started reasoning. Using whatever I had, I learnt my own ways to survive. I had no reason why I should be surviving. It just happened. My world was so mine. I was like the free bird, ate whenever I wanted and basically nothing else to do.

Times passed I grew stronger. Don’t even know why this change was happening in me. One fined day I just realized I just need to move on as my survival stock was depleting. But move on to where ? That was the only question. By then I had become so strong mentally and physically that I successfully took the huge step of thinking whats beyond the place I was in. It broke. The sound of the crack made me feel so devastated. But hey whats that just pouring in from the crack. I got curious. My curiosity led me to get out of the egg to a much much bigger world.

I for the first time thought, is this the place I should be ? But what all other options do I have. I was spellbound seeing numerous other cracked eggs around. First I got scared looking at this — the world calls it a chick. Soon I realized I’m one of them. The good thing was I was not alone anymore, I know now my move on ended up with a bunch who look just like me. It felt like instructions are getting poured into my mind from somewhere which started the feelings in me for other beings, tried opening mouth, walking, falling, screaming, love, passion, empathy etc just happened by itself. Never really gave it a thought how was I able to do all that.

I understood the reason why I was here. My job was to eat nicely, roam around and be good to others. I was so good at it and so were others. Every morning, I used to get up just when the sun showed up, get together with a bunch of other fellow chicks and perform my daily duties just perfectly. Elders talked about deadly animals who wanted to kill us, but we were all in a secured place where one like them could never reach us. So thank full to those beings who kept us out of those dangers. It was like those who used to get us food, take ultra care of us as well.

As I started growing up I felt impatient of knowing what’s beyond this closed fences. Dad said once we grow big enough, the same people would take us out and out there is a better life … Whoever went never felt like coming back. It’s like attaining moksha. For that we need to make sure we be good, healthy, perform our duties well, be good with others, be strong, have a high moral etc etc all nice and inspiring words.

I felt bad for a while but was happy when the day came and I was free from this place. I did bid good bye to all my friends and family with whom I spent all my days. Hopefully whenever its their turn. they all get the peace and happiness. I was so proud of my family, I remembered every lesson I was taught about life, how to lead it and what’s beyond it.

Felt bit weird how nicely I was taken care inside the fence and now in a truck, guess its momentary. But certainly the world outside wasn’t close to what I expected. I see lot of people who were good, people who were bad, people who cared, stupid people, intelligent people and a host of different categories of people. It all made me feel I am getting to know more. Made me feel matured. A lot of thoughts came to my mind — if I can help the world make it better, can I make people think good like I do, can I empower weaker people, can I do something so that other chicks back there get to see the bigger and better world soon, etc etc.

Before I could think deeper I was with a savior who took me out of that god damn truck and got me a new home. Now I am just getting started to take a stroll around to know this place which is chaotic, noisy, smelly & dirty. I have nice goals and plans how to make this a better place. Something happened to me — a jerk and I could see my body not with my head anymore. I wasn’t able to control my legs, wings nothing — just excruciating pain. Not a single moment to reason what just happened. My eyes are getting heavy and am not able to keep them up. Just before I would realize what happened, I was getting dragged into the same empty dream from where it all started. With just one thought, will I ever wake up ?

The world is not always what it seems to be. People are not always what they seem to be. Situations are not always it seems to be. Few things are just not in control.

“Live your life as if there is no tomorrow” and “always be curious”