Don’t just change but transform — an experiential journey of well-being

I would like to share huge positive impact of yoga and meditation in my life, whether it’s so-called personal or professional. At this point, I would also like to say that if we retrospect then our personal and professional lives are connected to each other when we are discussing our own well-being. One directly impacts other parts of life.

There is no such thing as work-life-balance — it is all life. The balance has to be within you — Sadhguru

On days when we are happy, our experience of life seems to be very pleasant. Unconsciously, we have a subtle smile on our face, positive thoughts, higher efficiency and focused, more willing to help others, time fly by very fast. I am sure we all had such moments in our life.

Contrarily, when we are not so happy suddenly our experience is reversed. What seems to be pleasant is not pleasant anymore. We feel more agitated from within. We seem to be bounded in an invisible shell. Less approachable to others and hence less attentive and willingness to help others is lesser. This definitely impacts our focus and productivity. Well, I am sure that this is also not very alien experience in our lives.

5 years back, I was more or less the same person in terms of my life experiences as mentioned above. Minor things could disturb me. Most of the time it felt that as if my source of happiness is somewhere outside. My logical mind would try to dissect every aspect of life as if life is just a mathematical equation. Less focussed and clarity in life. Also in terms of health, I was not keeping great all the time.

Today when I retrospect, I have definitely lots of positive things to share and hopefully help others by sharing my own experience of this transformational journey of well-being.

5 years back, I was introduced to Isha yoga by my friend and I joined their one of the programs called “Inner engineering”. I did not search anything about it much and went to attend program considering yet another yoga program for well being. It was 4 days course at Isha centre, very well organised and amazing teachers with infinite patience to answer our questions. In the end, we were supposed to continue our yoga practices for rest of life (at least 40 days as suggested by teacher).

In the beginning, it seems like an MI task that I have to continue yoga practices for rest of my life? However with initial glitches, I told myself to continue at least for 40 days (twice a day) as teacher suggested and then we will see. There was a reason by teacher said, at least 40 days — no matter what may come!

Since that day I not only continued my basic yoga practices but also learnt advanced yoga and meditation from Isha foundation which has transformed me tremendously. Sometimes, we need to shut our logical mind and just accept things as they are being given. Even if we want to satisfy our logical mind, we may attempt it by using some scientific ways but believe me it would be a sheer waste of time in reaching the same conclusion as we would reach by just accepting it directly.

So what’s that transformed person looks like?

  • First and foremost, perfect health. I don’t remember when I last visited doctor or hospital.
  • No more problem perennial cold&flu problem. Much stronger immune system.
  • Auto switch to 100% vegetarian diet, which not only greener and easy to digest solution but also helped me keeping calm and focussed.
  • I am now a marathon runner who also loves to sketch, paint & bike in leisure time.
  • Being more focused, I am more productive at whatever I do. Advanced yoga practices (Hatha yoga) helped me a lot. These are definitely powerful tools for well-being. After all, we all need the right set of tools to have the right impact. It’s just that here impact is much bigger that it cover multiple aspects of life.
  • It’s not that situations are always pleasant around me after I started yoga, it’s just that we learn how to be not affected by them. It won’t happen overnight, but it happens with continuously practising yoga for years and forever.
  • Less sleeping hours and able to continuously work straight for hours without any break. If we think, we sleep to take rest or break from long working hours and recharge ourselves for next day. However, when we do certain yoga or meditation, we are literally in a continuous state of relaxation.
  • Living more in present than past. Though this seems like a simple statement but if we think it affects us in many ways.
  • Last but not the least, there are more moment of joy and happiness than ever which I guess we all are seeking.

My only suggestion would be to find at least 20–30 min. every day for yourself and continue yoga/meditation practices whatever may happen! Sometimes we do need to invest in ourselves.

This video was shared by Isha foundation on International Day of Yoga (21st June)

I hope this would help some of us who are in similar state of mind as I was earlier and seeking transformation to better self-being not for anyone else but for yourself.

Please feel free to share your similar experiences in the comment section below. It may be inspirational for many of us.

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