Let It Go In Flow

Life is like a river…….let it go in flow
Whatever comes in the way of the flow of the river it just crushes or takes along…..
So…. Crush all the evil and take all the good along with you …..let it go in flow..
Enjoy each moment of your life……joy, sorrow because you get to live life once…..let it go in flow….enjoy life to the fullest…
Life is too short my friends……meet people share the immense joy with them …..just stay happy and make other happy …..
Taste each and every aspect of your life because as time passes it is not possible to get it back!
Let society say whatever they want to say because they’re just the stereotypes who dont know to deal with their own condition but are too desperate to give opinions to others . ….just let it go in flow……Just listen to your intuition, to your heart and see you will get all your problems solved …
As the river meets the sea after flowing continuously accept this universal truth that you going to die one day…..so prepare yourself to die one day do not give up and try hard to achieve whatever you want before you die

…….let it go in flow

deepak shenoy (karvari)

Stay blessed