Days after…….I killed the hitman (series 1 part 4)

How did I sign a hitman?! This question might be running in ur mind right now……..

Haha! Let me answer your curiosity pal……

On this specific day I was browsing the dark web for fun……which ended me up to this website ‘ The crime syndicate'

It was a hitman organisation……I made sure I had taken all the safety measures before entering the dark web.

Just gapimg the computer screen, a thought poped in my mind……

‘I want thrills in my life right? What if I….I hired a hitman on myself? Yeah! Whoever kills the other first would be the winner…..’

The chat box came on the screen saying , ‘ We provide hitmen at cost,based on the professionalism the rates of the hitmen are different and the only way of paying the fees are through cryptocurrency……So,how may I help you?’

I typed, ‘ I want a professional killer, the guy whom I am planning to kill is very alert, he has the gun in his pocket wherever he goes and wanders around from time to time'

Understanding the case they typed , ‘ We would provide with one of our best hitman,fully equipped it would cost little more ,just ping the address and the photo of the one whose going to be the victim'

I uploaded my picture and sent my home address …..

'Your work would be done sir…dont expect there would be any sort of contact between us' they said

Starting with my preparation, I laughed and laughed and laughed uncontrollably……

The game had begun……..

(To be continued……..)

Deepak Shenoy (the_karvari)