A guide to get girls to like you

  1. Be a man of purpose Have a journey that you’re on that’s greater than any one person being in your life. It’s so attractive to say to a woman ‘I’m trying to build a successful company that will help people do X. I want to look back in 5 years from now and say ‘I made that’.
  2. Be a man who keeps in shape. There are no excuses to being lazy. So do sport. The gym 3x a week or 10k running or crossfit or a tennis club. But something. It helps
  3. Be secure with your looks. Whether ‘ugly’ or ‘hot’. Don’t make it about your looks. Make it about who you are.
  4. Be secure. Don’t be phased by other people and what they’re doing — focus upon yourself
  5. Be humorous. Making a woman laugh is a wonderful thing. So smile and be happy
  6. Make fun of yourself. It’s intoxicating
  7. Make ‘your line’ the truth. ‘Look you seemed really nice, and probably get approached all the time — so this may seem ridiculous but yeh..I wanted to say hello…hi! (Laugh) my name’s Deepak (go to shake their hand) ‘Hey so I may get shot down. but you are extremely pretty and I’m HOPING you’re a cool person as well. Erm hi, no fancy lines other than…hey name’s Deepak — hello!’
  8. Don’t care so much. If you do 1/2/3/4/5/6 women will come. I promise

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I’m 30. I’ve lived in 9 Countries. Travelled to 50+. Raised money 2x for Tech Companies. I’ve worked for Deloitte. Been homeless. Run 20 marathons. Am a trained British Soldier.

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