How to avoid hiring the wrong people for your startup?

  • Test them through some simple gauntlets:
  • Make the interview some work-based projects that replicate what they’ll actually do in the workplace
  • You can make the process competitive; it pays to be a winner
  • Interview a dozen in this way. Hire the best people
  • A resume and interview technique are only indicator’s not decider’s of success
  • Hire those with a bias to action
  • People that make progress by DOING
  • You want output machines
  • Be real with them
  • It’s hard for someone to lie when you say to them:
  • ‘Listen you like the right guy; but I don’t want to fuck you around or to be fucked around — so I don’t want to give you this job offer to have you walk in a few months, call in sick often or ‘coast’ your way through the job. That would really upset me.’
  • Look them in the eye
  • ‘Can you NOT be the guy for me?’
  • Hire methodically. Fire quickly
  • Trust your intuition; it’s based upon thousands of micro-learnings over time so it’s generally accurate
  • Allow some mistakes. But don’t allow habitual mistakes into a firm. If they seem like a risk. Don’t let them tow the line. Get them out
  • Have someone who is completely different to you help hire
  • They will see things you do not see

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I’m 30. I’ve lived in 9 Countries. Travelled to 50+. Raised money 2x for Tech Companies. I’ve worked for Deloitte. Been homeless. Run 20 marathons. Am a trained British Soldier.

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