How to interest aerospace recruiters in your CV:

  • Get a detailed job description — highlight experience and skills required for the role — correlate it against your own experiences. Where there are blanks fill them in.
  • Call an aerospace recruiter — ask them what they look for in a candidate as ‘down the line’ you hope to apply. DON’T give the game away as they might dismiss you out of hand. Show your interest and they should open up as to advice :)
  • Read up on the industry — I find various wikipedia links in combination with latest news and trends put together into a 3–5 page report for yourself works wonders — if you get into a conversation with a recruiter/employee in aerospace
  • Connect with employees in the industry — Write an honest email (keep it <250 words or you’ll lose people) explaining what you want advice on. Then find said employees (LinkedIn/Facebook/Twitter etc) — find how to reach them and ping them

I hope this helps :)

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