Is it worth it for someone with a master’s degree from abroad to return to India to work? How is a master’s degree from abroad valued in India:

Note: I’m British Indian and have not worked in India, and so am basing this upon the people that I know that have in my family and professionally.

It’s worth returning to India if you want to return to India. The economy is growing pretty much consistently: Economic development in India there are job opportunities that abound everywhere.

Assuming the master’s degree is from a internationally recognised institution and/or country (USA, England, Australia) then it certainly will help. Again this depends upon the position and company that you are applying to.

But generally speaking having met many people that are Indians studying in the UK — it appears there is significant value with having a masters degree abroad :)

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I’m 30. I’ve lived in 9 Countries. Travelled to 50+. Raised money 2x for Tech Companies. I’ve worked for Deloitte. Been homeless. Run 20 marathons. Am a trained British Soldier.

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