What product managers do at tech companies such as Google, Facebook and Quora:

Good question because:

  • It’s hard to define “product management” in precise terms
  • So there is no UNIFORM answer
  • The variance in this job is so significant that we’d suffer from an answer that was too elaborate or vague to be of any use
  • e.g. you can read ‘act as a go-between in x & y’, or ‘a range of product related issues’

However this doesn’t help you so:

What a great product manager will do is:

  • Use data to help communicate ideas others have in their heads to then drive them towards reality and their physical making
  • Understand how to get the most from any feature in a kind of Pareto’s law style — with 80% value being derived from 20% of the input
  • Know how to appropriately balance the eternal struggle between short term wins and long term development to please customer, investor and business owner
  • Understand where compromises need to be made — with techies Vs what’s good for the business and customer
  • Write well — for the most basic parts of the product — buttons, labels, nav options etc
  • Predict and adapt — have an intuitive + data driven understanding of how product devt’s might be received by the market
  • Communicate with customers — understand the value of actually speaking to the end user in a value adding way
  • Understand the human pysche, pseudo behavioural psychologists — and make decisions based upon this
  • Work their but off

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