Thirteen Reasons Why

I waited to write this till I finished watching the show since I was doing both reading the book/watching the show parallelly.

I have never done this before, I have never written something like this. I write reviews on of the books that I have read but never this long and emotional for me.

Mostly I do not read too much of Young Adult novels or watch high school drama shows but since I have come across it so many times that I decided to finally do it.

The story started quite depressing and had all the bad things happen to people that I predicted would happen in it, however, it also showed me other things I didn’t think of too.

I kept going back again and again to the Wikipedia page of the book and the show for a lot of background information even before I was done with the book/show.

The show is obviously more disturbing than the book and brings out strong emotions and reactions.

Although I would never like to write such books or make such films because I want people to be happy after reading/watching my work, however, the author has very good storytelling skills which I would love to have someday.

For me, it was as disturbing as the movies

I have only seen the movies, yet to read the book.

Although it was some years back that I had seen them but the same kinds of things are still disturbing for me.

I guess I am a sensitive guy.

Anyway, the book/show does a good job of bringing the issues to light and we as a society should hold ourselves responsible for it.

We should object to the wrong things we see in our daily lives, just a bit effort of ours can save someone’s life.

No need to become social workers or dedicate our lives to the improvement of such issues just raise your voice when you see something wrong and get help when required from the right authorities.

I hope things improve for everyone around us.

These are my thirteen reasons why I feel the way I feel after reading the book and watching the show.

1) I have multiple suicide attempts under my belt.

2) A close friend of mine whom I met during the beginning of my Parkour days committed suicide.

I considered him like my younger brother and was very angry when I heard about his suicide, maybe I am still angry. I thought we were so close but he didn’t tell me what he was going through.

I was more angry about the fact that I wasn’t able to recognize any signs even though I went through the same phase.

3) Due to the above reasons, I was intrigued by the subject and read the book/watched the show. I felt sorry for the characters especially Hannah Baker. bought the character to life and she was so good at it, I hope to meet her/someone like her with such expressive eyes. Maybe I already met someone like that but was unable to keep them in my life.

If it sounds creepy a guy thinking about a girl 17 years younger than him, I am sorry you feel that way.

4) The story is depressing, shocking, sad but addictive, you want to know what happens next. Although the book is not written well still you want to go till the end.

The show is more emotional but bring closure to the story, unlike the book.


Maybe I guess I am not able to visualize clearly what I read and need to see it on a screen to feel the emotions. Nevertheless, they both make me feel sad and sorry for a lot of people.

5) has acted well as Clay Jensen on the show. He easily morphs into changing from being a shy guy to a mature person seeking justice and dealing with his pain.

6) I feel sad for what people have to go through growing up and throughout their lives. The story made me reflect back on my own life and feel the pain of each and every soul in it.

7 ) I felt that I had almost every character inside me but more of Clay because I was a similar kid going through my pain alone.

8) I understood how stupid it is to not take responsibility for small actions and let them grow into a snowball growing bigger and bigger till we confront them.

9) How important it is not to keep our pain inside ourselves and find an outlet to share it even if it is just with our diaries.

10) How important it is to speak up when we find love and not let the moment pass.

11) How important friendships are.

12) How important it is to treat people with respect and kindness.

13) Most importantly how important it is to love ourselves when no one does. Make our choices for the long term and not be short sighted.

Maybe I am just ranting, I don’t know.
How does it sound to you?


Does it all make sense?

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