Anger… Oh… Ohk!

Lets talk about anger. We think its well known to us. Well, it is one of the most common feelings or emotions one have or feel. Our kids feel it, Our friends feel it, Our elders feel it,.. heck, we feel it. At the same time we don’t have any idea about it. We search for techniques to avoid anger, like laughing loudly whenever it arises, or count to ten backwards and then forwards,… all just to run away from it.

Magic happens when we start embracing it. Sooner or later its going to unwind itself. And pretty soon we’ll realize that most of our anger comes out when the things are not in our control, or things are not the way we wanted them to be,.. or things are not the way we think they should be. That’s about it.

And the way we choose to react in such situations is quite funny. Whenever such situations arises we get angry, get “mad” at people or sometimes (most of the times) ourselves. Lets say things didn’t go as you wanted them to,.. So… that means we have a situations in front of ourselves to deal with, which would require the best of our senses and intellect, and what do we do? We act horrendously. Just when we need the best of our senses, we act senseless. Don’t you find this funny…? Well I do.

Lets take a real life example. Lets say you helped someone in the past and now this person owes you a favour, and when you really needed the favour this person refused to help you. Pretty common isn’t it? Now what would you do normally? At first you’d get angry at that person, next the anger will turn on you for helping that person at the first place, and theres quite a chance that something bad might ensue. Now look at it this way, since the other person refused to help you, you have a situation to deal with on your own which will require the best of your senses. So instead of being angry shouldn’t you be focusing on figuring out a way? Wouldn’t that be the sane way?

So next time, when certain situations are disturbing your comfort, use your senses, find the best solution and tackle them.