These Devices will turn your home into a Smart Home

We, at Cubical Labs, Make devices which will turn your home into Smart home. You can Connect your Computer, mobile, camera to the internet but with our devices you can also connect Your Air-Condition, Your door bells, your home lighting, your Fridge, Your Television etc. Yes, this is Possible through our technology. With our Technology you can connect all your home devices to Your phone and you can control all the devices from your phone itself.

You can schedule the time at which any particular appliance should Turn and Turn off. For Ex, You can schedule your water geyser to turn on at 7 AM everyday and to turn off at 8 PM Every day. You can control everything from lights and temperature to locks and security in your home.

Here’s a list of Products that we are launching soon. All these Products have been rigorously tested.

Motion Sensors

Our Motion Sensors would send you a notification on your phone every time a motion is detected in the secure mode, letting you know of a potential threat your home may face.

You will also get a notification every time there is a loss of connectivity and when the motion sensor is tempered with.It is equipped with motion response. So whenever any human activity is detected this motion sensor automatically opens devices (Ac, Lights, TV etc).

Door Sensors

With the help of our Door Sensors you can check the Status of your Door/windows. This sensor will let you know whether your door/window is open/closed. This Sensor is placed on the inner side of doors/windows.

Here are Some Key Features of this Sensor

1. This is Complete Wireless Device.

2.This Sensor is Battery Operated.

3.It has a very compact design.

4.You can access this easily with help of our app.

Video Door Phones

Video door phone system not only increases your home security, but also gives you the convenience of managing daily household routine tasks. With the help of this device you can control your home from anywhere in the world.

It allows you to communicate safely with visitors without any need for physical interaction with them.

Here are Some Key features of this Device

1. This device will virtually turn your phone into door keys. You can Lock/ unlock your door from anywhere in the world with your phone.

2. You can check your door status at all times.

3.You can communicate with your visitors through the phone.

Door Locks

Door Keys are thing of the Past.

With our Door Locks you can lock/unlock your door from anywhere using your Smartphone. Our Digital door locks offer very high level of security which traditional door locks fails to provide.

Traditional door lock provides only one authentication method. If you miss your keys then you are in trouble. But that is not the case with our digital door lock. It provides many authentication methods Like 4 digit pin access/Biometric access/RFID access.

Cubical Colors

These LED strip allows you to choose from 32 million colors and you can fully control the brightness of these lights. You can do all this through comfort of your mobile phone.It can convert your home into a romantic palace , a crazy party house , a calm reading nook or whatever you wish it to be.


security cameras can add an extra level of comfort to the Safety of your family and property.We have a range of Outdoor and Indoor cameras. Our outdoor Cameras are designed keeping in mind Weather and varying light conditions.

Our Outdoor Cameras are:

  1. Water Proof
  2. Support Motion Detection
  3. Infrared Motion Detection
  4. High Image and Video quality

Our Indoor Cameras are:

  1. Encryption Supported
  2. Provide Great Image Quality
  3. Sound and Motion Detection Enabled

After Installing Our security cameras you need not worry about safety and security of your family and property.You can monitor everything from your phone itself.

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