#wfe2 The paradigm of intelligence in the context of my life and learning

Assignment on Reflection

  • During your own education, how has your “intelligence” been assessed?

In my education , with reference to the school — my intelligence was assessed through the written tests and oral reading and recitation. As Professor Gordon Strobert in his video talk shared that 60 % of the questions in the class are towards testing the recall ability . I could relate to it. In fact, nothing in the school I remember of could be called as measuring intelligence , especially referring to the concepts like Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligence. The school never could bring into awareness this range . However, I could say that probably the school just tested aptitude probably similar to the Assessment of Aptitude as described by Sandra Leaton Gray in her article .

How has this affected the educational opportunities you have been given?

Its quite difficult to connect the assessment of intelligence I have received as a feedback to the educational opportunities I was offered at least at the school and college level as there was a lack of articulation regarding the intelligence or a range of intelligence. My best experience in education was with one of the coaching classes while I was preparing for Pre BED( an entrance exams for Bachelor of Education) . The coaching classes emphasized on versatile reading and they could assess very clearly my reading aptitude (assessment of aptitude , Sandra Leaton Gray). The reading helped me to connect with various dimensions of life and also helped me to connect with people as I could relate more deeply with them .

What judgments have people made about you that have been affected by an assessment of your “intelligence

I was assessed on my ability to recall and I was pretty good at that. People carried “higher recall” as the measure of intelligence , henceforth judged me to be having higher IQ.

The measure of judgment of intelligence was more clear in the professional life where the feedback was very specific unlike the school days where it was very vague. (Reference- Professor Strobert, Lecture No 4 when he talks about a good teacher is the one who gives specific feedback or else at the best the feedback remains motivating tool but not a learning one

Do you consider yourself to be a learner?

Off course yes though learning improved with time . I would simply relate with Pofessor Strobert that if there is something which is hardwired, its the inner resilience. And inner resilience I had. All the school and college life could not account much for learning as there was no specific feedback given by the teachers. Sports was little better but not miles ahead.

It was surely in my professional life that I got very specific feedback like for example — I was advised by a director that I had very good ideas but I need too take care of the details in order to transform them into realities. It was a very focused feedback and I had a great learning from that . Thereon, I started applying myself consciously to see the logical conclusions of my ideas ; like for example I had visualized a Kitchen garden run by Eco Club wherein we grow some organic vegetables and then hand it over to the cooking club which would try to use it to good effect.

First year, when I set up the gardening area, I covered it with a net anticipating that it might be broken by the monkeys which are aplenty where I have my school . It happened like that and since I was prepared for it, I had an alternative plan- I erected an iron enclosure ….and that did it!!!

It has been more than two years and we are cultivating some very healthy vegetables.

The second case I could present which speaks for my learning abilities is this- in 2010 , a year after I shifted to Parwanoo(North India) as a school principal, I experienced something very dramatic. It being a hilly region and I coming from the central India was not quite familiar with its geographical implications. In 2010, there were huge rainfalls, and the school roads suffered huge landslides. In fact, it started on July 5, 2010 immediately after the summer vacations were over and the children could not access the school . The rains and the landslides continued….

I applied my self as I could not let the academics of children suffer. I called upon my resourcefulness and sought help from local community. I had my house and the school guest house converted into classrooms, the rooms still not sufficient , I took a temple and a community hall as a gesture of help from the community and ran all the classes till September 15th, the 16th September we went back to our school.

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