Dear Mr. Modi, you missed out on these!

As Twitterscape was abuzz with the PM’s Incredible India campaign which started on June 2nd, with him sharing/ retweeting amazing pictures of our diverse nation, we were all soon swooning over the awesomeness that is India.

What followed was a slurry of tweets with images hashtagged #IncredibleIndia and the NaMo retweeting the most beautiful ones. Of more than 100 images that the PMO shared, we picked off the top 15 that caught our eyes and 10 more that would be joyous additions to the list! Note: Wallpaper downloads and frantic wanderlust to be expected!

1) A bird’s eye view of Delhi: Lotus Temple

2) Pahalgam in winters: And you thought we couldn’t do a Winter Wonderland!

3) A fresh water lake bang in the middle of the plains — Omkareshwar.

4) Satellite Image? Nah! Just Aerial!

5) Beauty. Exuberance. Poetry. Love. Taj Mahal. In that order.

6) “Did the roads just get lost?” — Sahyadris during monsoons

7) If there’s a place that reeks of peace and colors, Kolkata it is!

8) You look like you stepped straight out of a painting, Dear Himachal.

9) #JustLucknowThings : Chota Imambara

10) Spirituality is the color of the sky — Varanasi, India

11) Man made it Golden, Nature gave it the glow — Golden Temple, Amritsar

12) Some wonders have always been around — Belum caves, Kurnool

13) The perfect coexistence of man and nature — Marina Beach, Chennai

14) Sometimes colors just make it all the more blithe — Arunachal Pradesh

15) I didn’t get World Heritage stamped on my name for no reason!

1) The Sundarbans:

Home to the biggest mangrove forests in the world, the Sunderbans are one hell of an eye candy too! The greens, the Ganga-Bramhaputra Delta, and the stunning sights and sounds sure have us skipping a heartbeat or two!

2) The Islands at Andamans:

Once upon a time, in the days of yore, Windows had a default wallpaper called “Azure”. Every time a picture of the Andamans pops up, we are subtly reminded of that wallpaper, with a yearning to fly off to the Emerald Isle. This one sure as hell could feature on the PMO’s incredible list!

3) Raigad, Maharashtra:

The Sahyadris in the monsoons are a sight to savour, complete with a steaming cup of hot latte! Raigad is all-that, complete with waterfalls, hills and angry-looking clouds to line the backdrop. Incredible India, hey?

4) Majuli, Assam:

What if I told you that the largest freshwater island in the world exists right here in India, tucked away in our pretty little Northeast? Majuli it is! Majuli is accessible from Jorhat and is extremely picturesque and rewarding for every traveler.

5) Rann of Kutch:

The white Rann of Kutch is one of the most exquisite things that exist in our country. If you look really long, the sand begins to look like foam in th sea. No kidding! Try it!

6) Pushkar:

For its many many charms and umpteen picture possibilities, Pushkar easily finds its way into any traveler’s list!

7) Vivekananda Rock, Kanyakumari:

A lot of the beauty of the country is hidden down south, and Kanyakumari just happens to be part of that awesome list. The colors of the sky, the humid, languid air, all come together to make Kanyakumari the marvel that it is.

8) Kolukkumalai Tea Estate, Kerala:

Undulating green hills, combed plantations and wispy bits of clouds make up this tiny offbeat paradise. The fairly obvious beauty and the slow pace of this little village would make it a lovely addition to the Incredible India list!

9) Lympungshyrngan, Mawlynnong:

The cleanest village in India, also the most beautiful and one of the most green places that you would possibly come across in India, is one of those destinations which would easily feature on the folder of wallpapers that you maintain. We think this makes the list too. Do you?

10) Mahabalipuram:

Art, history, foamy beaches and azure skies. Enough to catch an eye, right? The Pancharatha caves are a great place to regale with the art and sculpture of the Chola and Chalukyan Empire. Mahabalipuram makes for some great pictures too!

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Originally published at on August 19, 2015.

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