Forever 2+1

Your eyes begin to water as your forget to blink

You find companionship in the keyboard’s click

You have a report to submit and a presentation to finish

Your eyes are on the car and the apartment lavish

You burn the night lamp but oh! the battery is draining

Plug it to charge but what about your eyelids drooping?

Sleep is a luxury that you can not afford

The alarm is blaring that’s going to turn the same record

You rip off the blanket the way day ripped off your dream

You sit on the bed’s edge pondering over lord’s scheme

You massage your temples, you feel the scar

The one that you got when you broke the cookie jar

When the worst day was the day you were out of fruit loops

When all could be cured with mum’s chicken soup

When you could colour the clouds orange and the rivers pink

When you could drive your tricycle over the space link

When socks didn’t just get lost but turned into puppets

You could talk to them all day or build a castle with your bucket

You snap back to reality with the unceasing buzz of your phone

Grinding for retirement at fifty one when all you want is to be forever 2+1