Can you pacify me,
for I feel lonely today?
Heart is sinking in the gallows of aches,
Head pounding for the reasons unknown,
While I am writing here
It is none less than storm.

Amazing it is,
How darkness lightens the soul,

Body laying still,the mind
Steps off the infinite paces
From the woods of past
To the waters of future.
And now I wonder,
Am I feeling lonely today?

Running my fingers through hair,
I wonder about the beauty of Dark,
Is it intensifying with each passing moment?
Then, the power of Darkness,
I thought-
Is the source to all.
The Universe we are in, was the fetus of Darkness
As I stare at the corner of the room
I realize,
Darkness is what prevails when 'all' is gone.

As I sink in the deepest ocean of thoughts,
Darkness guides the lightened soul,
And pacifies saying,
Yes Dear, I am with you,
No one is ever alone.

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