Capturing Budapest’s first big snow

Usually when I wake up these days in the morning, I check the weather forecast hoping for some snowfall in the city. I come from Bangalore, India and I hardly get to see any snow. I visited the Gangtok, Sikkim in 2002, where I saw snow for the first time. We had to drive up to Tsongmo Lake. The lake was frozen and tiny flurries of white started falling from the sky. Since then snowfall brings me good memories. Anyway, that’s the thing of the past.

Now I live in Budapest, Hungary and it gets pretty cold. Today when I looked out, I saw some flurries outside my window. That got me really excited and I decided to head to Normafa, which is on the Buda side. Usually the snowfall is a lot heavier there and the snow stays for longer. Initially my excitement was more about seeing the snow and clicking some pictures. Then I saw that I wasn’t the only one visiting . Friends, families and couples were all out partying in the cold white. What fun!

Now I will let the photographs do the talking -