Crab Mentality

When only one crab in a bucket they can easily come out from that because he is alone and easily can decide what should they do. On the other hand, if we put two or more crabs in the bucket then what happens when one tries to get out, the other will pull him back in. on the same way, one pulls other and the chain goes on. 
Something like this happens in our real life too, we are also a crab and if we can also easily do it if there are some other crab along with us, in the bucket, it is also difficult to get out of the bucket. It will happen because if someone wants to move forward today, then those with him will be able to pull him back. Today, people burn with each other’s flame. In this race, people do not go ahead or come to other people. The sector grow if the good form will get there and will have to work hard and have to get out of taking a bucket of Chord to sub a life of living has also left with the loved ones get Bolten some
This is real life

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