Love…In The End

It was always about you, I like you from the very first time I saw you. There is something in you which attracts me. Science says there are few people in this universe, who gets attracted towards each other automatically. I feel this theory is true in our case.

I always wanted to talk to you, spent time with you and never wanted you to leave. When we got to know each other, we found out that we are looking for the same things in life. There was a time when we were almost reading each other’s mind. I loved that feeling of being close to you. The time we spent together was the best time of my life. We had infinite moments which can be mentioned as best, but naming one moment best would be unfair to the other.

We spent lots of time talking, sharing secrets to each other. I felt proud when I was able to make you laugh. You are the only person in this universe, whom I told this much about me. You won’t believe I started judging people, situations, places, things, everything with your perception. I always thought, what will you think about it or will you like it or not.

Every trip we have gone for, every party we did was only because I wanted to spend time with you, see you, talk to you.

Then the time came when I realized that my feelings about you are not in my control. Feelings that I always wanted to share with you, but I couldn’t. I never wanted you to leave or go with someone else. In my heart you were always mine. I tried to hate you for never understanding or acknowledging my feelings. I tried to go away from you, but I couldn’t. When I realized that you are leaving and I can’t do anything about it, I cried aloud and hated myself.

I have never been in a serious relationship, but I always wanted to do all the things which we see in movies hero doing for his love. There is not even a single night, when I don’t dream about you.

I want to stop you and tell you that I won’t be able to live without you, but I can’t. As I always wanted to say when you used to ask on the phone during our conversation “Say something”, I always wanted to reply “I Love You”, I Love You so much that I can do anything for you.